be quiet! launches the ground-breaking Pure Wings 3 fan series

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There’s a whisper of excitement in the air amongst the PC component aficionados. Renowned German brand, be quiet!, known for its premium PC components, has unveiled its new mainstream fan series: the Pure Wings 3. This innovative series promises enhanced airflow and static pressure, all at an attractive price point.

be quiet! Pure Wings 3: The epitome of versatility and performance

Whether your rig is an entry-level gaming machine or a high-octane workstation, Pure Wings 3 has got you covered. Designed with an optimized fan frame, these fans excel in radiator performance. Not just that, the reimagined fan blades and adjusted angles ensure top-notch air pressure.

The series boasts two sizes – 120mm and 140mm. Users also get three versions to choose from:

  • 3-pin
  • 4-pin PWM
  • 4-pin PWM high-speed

Especially noteworthy is the high-speed variant that incorporates a state-of-the-art closed-loop motor. This ensures the rpm remains unfazed, irrespective of resistance, making these fans a reliable companion for gaming systems.

be quiet! Pure Wings 3 120mm PWM high-performance

Next-level airflow and pressure

One can’t help but admire the ingenuity behind Pure Wings 3. Its fan frame outlet has been meticulously crafted to reduce air leaks, which is a boon for radiator performance. The optimized fan blades are no slouch either; their revised angle guarantees heightened air pressure. This is truly a masterclass in its category.

But don’t mistake these fans as one-trick ponies. They’re equally adept as case fans. If your setup requires efficient cooling and supreme air circulation, look no further than the Pure Wings 3. Plus, its airflow-optimized blades curtail noise-producing turbulences, ensuring tranquillity, just as the be quiet! brand name suggests.

be quiet! Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-performance

High-speed variant: The cooling titan

For those who demand nothing but the best, the Pure Wings 120mm PWM high-speed and Pure Wings 140mm PWM high-speed models are tailor-made. These versions can reach speeds of 2100 rpm and 1600 rpm respectively. Coupled with their nine optimized fan blades, they produce an astonishing air pressure, ranking up to 2.41mm/H2O and 2.44mm/H2O respectively. The cherry on top? Their unique closed-loop motor technology ensures they always operate at the optimal speed, irrespective of resistance.

be quiet! Pure Wings 3 120mm back view

Availability and pricing

Excited to get your hands on the Pure Wings 3 series? They hit retail shelves on November 7th. Here’s a quick glance at their pricing:

ProductFan bladesMax rpmClosed loop motorMSRP
Pure Wings 3 120mm71600$ 9.90
€ 13.90
£ 10.99
Pure Wings 3 120mm PWM71600$ 9.90
€ 13.90
£ 10.99
Pure Wings 3 120mm PWM high-speed92100$ 9.90
€ 13.90
£ 10.99
Pure Wings 3 140mm71200$ 11.90
€ 14.90
£ 10.99
Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM71200$ 11.90
€ 14.90
£ 10.99
Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM high-speed91800$ 11.90
€ 14.90
£ 10.99

The Pure Wings 3 series from be quiet! is shaping up to be a game-changer in the world of PC components. Whether you’re a casual user or a hardcore gamer, these fans promise to deliver on performance without compromising on silence. Don’t miss out on experiencing this technological marvel! If you want to know more about the be quiet! Pure Wings, then check out our review here.

Pure Wings 3 | Performant, Progressive, Quiet | be quiet!

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