What Trends Will Shape The Future Of Gaming?

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The world of gaming is something that is constantly changing with every passing year, and the releases of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S is another example that it is an industry that is never standing still. It has been reported that the gaming industry will eclipse the $200 billion barrier in just two years, and there are reportedly two billion gamers around the globe.

Technology has had a huge impact on the experience that gamers have while playing their favourite games, and that will only be set to continue with future developments that are expected. Huge advances are made across the world in terms of gaming, but Birmingham has had a crucial part in the development of the industry. But, which trends are shaping the way that the gaming industry is going?

Facial Recognitio

One of the most groundbreaking changes in the future of gaming will be the introduction of facial recognition. This will likely have a profound impact on the experience and popularity that players playing titles such as Call of Duty and Fortnite will be able to have. It will be a groundbreaking change in the industry, as it will see players be able to play as themselves, with 3D technology scanning the players face before then installing it to the game that they are playing.

There will be no ceiling with this technology, as it will also be able to be adapted to sports games such as FIFA and Madden too. It will add the most lifelike experience of gaming that players have ever seen, and there is no doubting that it could be a huge success.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t something new that has been born, as it has always been a technology that software companies have been trying to perfect. However, it feels as though huge changes have now been made and that the success that this trend could be about to achieve could be huge. It would add a new dimension to the experience of the player, as they will be immersed in the title that they are playing.

Graphics with this technology are only getting better with every passing year, and it will be the best way for those looking to play first-person shooters to get the best possible experience. The success of virtual reality will likely hinge on a number of other technological advances, but if the graphics are improved, then the experience that players will be able to have will be near-lifelike.

Virtual Reality

Mobile Gaming

It isn’t all about the huge consoles that are being released, as mobile gaming is also becoming more and more popular. The advancements in the technology that is being used in mobile games mean that gamers will be able to have an excellent experience playing these titles.

The release of Pokemon Go really kicked started the popularity of mobile gaming, and that only looks like something that is going to continue for years to come. After all, it offers gamers the ability to play some of their favourite titles on the move, and without having to buy a new console.

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