The FULLSYNC Weekend Killer #1

by Lars
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Lost for what to do this chilly February weekend? Here are some good (and some life consuming) options for a couple of days out of the cold. Hot cup of tea and duvet optional, but recommended. 

World of Warcraft/Monster Hunter/Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats (Nil)


There are times in a man’s life when running around as a dainty but murderous warlock she-elf is just more preferable to the outside world.

The Battle for Azeroth preamble is in motion with the option to pre-purchase Blizzard’s next expansion already live, netting keen players access to the Allied Races early. WoW is in a fairly decent place right now, especially for newcomers, and the storyline of Legion alone is a few steps above anything else they’ve done with the story in quite a few years. The landscape of WoW‘s lore (lorescape?) has been decimated by the war efforts of the Legion, and it looks like we’re going back to good ol’ Alliance vs Horde scuffling in a big way. Which is great, because I haven’t squashed a gnome underfoot in too long. If you’ve been out of the game for a while it’s a good time to jump back in and prepare.

Other worthwhile mentions – Monster Hunter World is a gorgeous adventure, especially if you’re able to play it in 4K HDR, and even better with friends – even if the game’s online questing system doesn’t seem that accessible or obvious at first. I’ve also just found my way onto something the rest of the internet has known about for quite some time, and that’s the mellow world of 24/7 Lofi Hip Hop playlists over on Youtube. There’s a ton of different streams but this one in particular has been a perfect background for a shit-ton of writing and tea drinking this week. Highly reccommend if you need to get your head down and finish some late work this weekend, or just want to sprawl on a comfy surface slightly inebriated.


With just two months until this highly anticipated movie hits screens it’s the perfect time to catch up on the acclaimed novel.

This book is insanely good, and perfect for anyone who loves games – with the movie on the way on the 29th of March, you’re running out of time to say you read the book before all the movie came out. All aboard the hype train!


Rocket League is also available on Nintendo Switch now. I personally wouldn’t want to own it on such an easily throwable platform but the option is there for those of you without anger management issues.

This weekend I recommend playing Rocket League. Not just because it’s an amazing game, but because I’ve registered myself for the EU Open Qualifiers and I need lots of practice. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to beat a member or two of the FULLSYNC squad, put your pretend money where you mouth is and drop us a message to schedule a game this weekend!



  • reallyinkd – Last time we checked he was reacting to football but anything goes – go chill with him if you’re also reacting to football right now.


Next weekend we fight killer owls for no good reason. 

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