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I want to talk about Online Casino Games. Many people may not see gambling as a game, and whilst the actual wagering of money may not be, the actions you perform certainly are. You might not be running around a field with a ball or holding a games controller in your hand, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a game. Look at Craps for example, much like the traditional Snakes and Ladders board game, it all revolves around the skill and luck of rolling dice. Except instead of moving around a board, in Craps you’re trying to win some sweet cold cash.

Online Casino Games have changed a lot over the years though, and where once it may have just been a simple slot game that you’d wager money on, there is now so much more choice. So how about we take a look at how the industry has changed and what we might expect in the future.

Where it all began for Online Casino Games

The very first online casino was The Gaming Club, set up by software company Microgaming that was established back in 1994. This was before people had even truly grasped what the World Wide Web was, and fibre optic, high-speed broadband was but a twinkle in dial-ups eye. But these folks were the pioneers who first gave people a taste of being able to play online casino games.

There was a missing piece to the puzzle though, one that wouldn’t come about for another year. And that was being able to wager real money. So, in 1995, CryptoLogic who were specialists in online real money transactions, set up InterCasino. A place where players could come and wager real money with the chances of winning big.

The games you could operate on these sites at the time were very basic though and mainly consisted of card and slot games. And it wasn’t until 1998 when the first poker website was launched online, Planet Poker. But due to the restrictions of poor internet speeds, the site had a fair few issues but was still popular amongst poker fans.

Over the years, many of these sites and games have improved greatly, and part of it is thanks to the technological advances that we’ve made. No longer do you have to wait for pixels to load on an image thanks to high-speed broadband. And with engineers having access to websites 24/7, any issues that are spotted can be quickly rectified from remote locations to ensure gamers continue to have a fun but safe time.

History of online casino games

Where are we at now?

Well, traditional games are still here. You can play any number of themed slots, all the versions of Poker, Blackjack and other card games you can think of, plus more. You can even gamble on games like the classic card game Top Trumps.

But again, thanks to technological advancements, online casino games have been taken to the next level. No longer do you play against just a computer, you can play against live dealers and at a table with other players. What’s more, if you have a Virtual Reality headset, you can actually find some casinos where you actually see yourself in the casino, sitting at a table with other players in front of the dealer. Like you were actually there.

Some online sites even now host live events like Quizzes too. We actually spent a few months on a bingo site playing one. It was free to enter, and a host would come up on the screen just like you see on TV. From there, you would have to answer 10 multiple-choice questions. Get one wrong and you’re knocked out. Make it to the end and you won a share of £500 with everyone who managed it. We were lucky enough to win a few times, but so were many others. I think the best we did was winning something around the £50 mark.

VR Sports Betting showing a man wearing a VR headset playing casino games in VR

What does the future hold?

Well, it’s hard to tell really. You could say we’re almost at the peak. But following the announcement that OnePlus will be revealing their latest device in the world’s first Augmented Reality launch, who’s to say that online casino games won’t follow that trend? Imagine, you’re sat at home on your dining room table, and through your phone or another device, you see the dealer sat right in front of you in your own dining room.

The possibilities of where the industry goes will all come down to what technological advancements we see in the next few years. But what we do know, is that as has been proven, online casino games will be sure to follow any trends to keep their visitor’s interests peaked.

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