Gemini Saint Kanon Slithers Into Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac

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From today, Gemini Saint, Kanon joins the advanced summon pool meaning an increased drop rate. Before finally accepting his true destiny as a Gemini Saint, Kanon posed as one of Poseidon’s seven Sea General’s — earning himself the title Sea Dragon Kanon. This increased chance to summon him will only be available for two weeks, so players should definitely try their luck before he slips away…

Kanon has a colourful history.  He was directly responsible for triggering two major events in the Saint Seiya universe: during a spot of rabble-rousing with his twin brother, Gemini Saga, they resurrected the Sea God Poseidon. Kanon was also ultimately responsible for the conflict of the 12 Temples. Unsurprisingly, these acts made him quite the outlaw and lead to his incarceration. After his escape from prison — whilst posing as the one true leader of the Mariners (as the Marine General Sea Dragon) — Kanon showed his cunning nature by manipulating Poseidon’s army and inciting the Sea God’s half-awakening.

Kanon later redeemed himself by joining forces with Athena as the Gemini Gold Saint and wreaking havoc against Hades’ army of Specters in the 21st century Holy War. He later became a better being, much like Gemini Saga, but has retained his ruthless character. Kanon is remembered as not only a Saint of Athena — but an honourable one too.


In the two weeks that Kanon is in-game, players may obtain materials by clearing dungeons, purchasing gift packages and donating materials to the legion to get points. The higher the legion score, the better the reward. There are also rewards up for grabs based on ranking.


From next Wednesday, 22 July, players of level 55 or above can click ‘Enhancement’ to play Will of the Stars. In this system, Saints will hone their fighting will and skills in different atlases. By raising the level of atlases, they can improve the various attributes of the Saints. Atlas training will also unlock exclusive skills after a certain role. Play a huge role in combat, bring new strategies and experiences to the Saints.

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