The Division 2 – Year 5: What did we learn from Division Day?

by Ben Kirby
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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about or even thought about The Division 2 if I’m honest. After a stint a couple of years ago, hitting the end game and grinding world tiers out. The clan kind of dropped off. I remember the time fondly and have occasionally pondered making a return.

The Division 2 subreddit is still active and I keep my eye on things, but yesterday Ubisoft came out swinging with a hefty update ready to make the 5th year of the game running.

Solid third-person cover shooting in a third-person perspective always gets a massive thumbs-up from me, and The Division 2 has been one of the best in recent memory. So with these latest announcements, I’m seriously considering diving back in.

Check out the Ubisoft Day Division Day live stream below and find all the main details from it below that.

Year 5

The Division 2 Year 5 is coming soon, kicking things off with Season One: Broken Wings. There’s a new Manhunt target: Mari Singh, the former director of the DC Aquarium. This time, the objective isn’t to take out the target – it’s to rescue the civilians that Natalya Sokolova and the Black Tusk have taken hostage. Players will need to continue rebuilding the Castle Settlement, which Singh had been using as her headquarters, and every person players rescue will unlock more of the story.

Broken Wings also introduces a new game mode, Descent, to The Division 2. Descent is a free rogue-lite mode for up to four players, who start out without any of the gear, perks, or specializations available to them in the main game and are unlocked through progression; playing through the mode will also allow players to dive deeper into the secrets of the Black Tusk, The Division and more.

The rest of Year 5 will bring more seasons, each with its own Manhunts, Events, and Leagues. The upcoming seasons will introduce a new Incursion at the Meret Estate, a return to New York, and a new story DLC that includes new zones, main missions, and endgame structure. Different Apparel Events will also take place throughout Year 5, bringing new looks and old favourites back to The Division 2, as well as content inspired by other games, like Sam Fisher’s iconic style and night vision goggles from Splinter Cell.**

The Warlords of New York expansion is required to access most of this seasonal content, but the new Descent game mode is free for all players. Starting tomorrow, April 21, PC players can hop into the game’s Public Test Server to check out Descent before Broken Wings’ launch. Keep an eye out for a big sale on the Warlords of New York expansion, as well as a The Division 2 free weekend to try before you buy; meanwhile, there’s a special in-game sale running now through May 2 offering discounts on select outfits, custom weapon skins, and emotes. For those of you who can’t wait to dive into the action, The Division 2 is now on sale in select regions.

The Division 2 Heartland artwork

More Division goodness!

Yesterday, Ubisoft hosted Division Day, a special event where the creative team behind The Division franchise gave a sneak peek at everything that’s coming soon. The Division 2 team revealed their Year 5 roadmap and Season One: Broken Wings;  

The Division Heartland made its cinematic debut; The Division Resurgence announced a new testing phase; and several other projects including an upcoming Webtoon and the first look at unique action figures were revealed. Here’s a roundup of everything covered during Ubisoft’s Division Day showcase:

The Division Heartland, the upcoming free-to-play PvEvP, survival-action shooter, made its cinematic debut during the Division Day showcase, showing off the town of Silver Creek, teasing the enemy factions and mysterious virus players will face. The Division Heartland will go into Closed Beta later this year; if you want to be part of it, head over to to register for a chance to participate, as well as receive five friend invites.

The Division Resurgence is an upcoming mobile game that will bring an authentic Division experience to iOS and Android devices. It features a brand new storyline providing a unique look into the events of the crisis while introducing new characters and factions, and bridging the story of the first two games.

It was also announced that the next test phase would happen this summer, if you want to check out the game early, sign up for its upcoming test phase here. Anyone who participated in a test for Resurgence before launch can unlock a special Joint Task Force cosmetic outfit to use when the game fully launches.

The Division Resurgence logo and artwork

Outside of video games, the team revealed a webcomic on WEBTOON coming in 2024 that follows the journey of a teacher from Houston after the outbreak of the Dollar Flu; as well as a first look at two collectable action figures of Caleb Dunne and Brian Johnson, both coming later this year.

The showcase also revealed cross-game rewards for The Division 2, The Division Heartland, and the Division Resurgence. This new feature will give players the chance to unlock exclusive rewards for playing other Division games.

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