The upcoming co-op multiplayer RPG The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, which will be released in just a few months, is the latest adaptation of the great pen & paper role-playing game The Dark Eye. It has cast a lasting spell over whole generations of enthusiastic role-players and fantasy fans.

As in the analogue version, players in the PC game also have a whole range of options when choosing their characters, in terms of both race and profession.

Publisher Wild River Games has created detailed sheets for the selectable professions, which give an overview of the characteristics of each character in all details. The sheets can be printed and customized with the character’s values and equipment – just like a pen & paper adventure.

The sheets’ covers have been prepared for use as an image gallery. You’ll find the full sheets here; artwork and models can be downloaded here.

These are the professions available in The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes

  • Assassin 
  • Black Mage 
  • Blessed One of Boron 
  • Gray Mage 
  • Knight 
  • Mercenary 
  • Blessed One of Phex
  • Rogue 
  • Blessed One of Rondra 
  • White Mage 
Assassin Profession from The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes

More information about the game and other Wild River Games titles can be found on the website, on FacebookTwitter und Instagram. Click here to add The Black Eye: Book of Heroes to the Steam wishlist.

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