Avorion is to be released on March 9th!

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Three years after the Early Access on Steam, the time has come for the official release of the extensive space sandbox game: Avorion, the ambitious project by a young development team from Germany, will be released on March 9, 2020!

Boxelware has worked continuously on new features for the space game with the help of their community. A lot has changed in this fascinating sandbox game since its Early Access launch. The Progress Trailer below highlights all milestones during the impressive growth of the game.

To pull the players’ attention towards the upcoming release, Boxelware has created an impressive video series. With the first clip released today all aspiring space adventurers can take a closer look upon Avorion.

Avorion – How to get started:

In the coming weeks, Boxelware will focus on the most important features of the game and introduce some thrilling gameplay elements to all players.

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