The Crackpet Show FREE DEMO will be available during Steam Next Fest

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Vixa Games is proud to announce that The Crackpet Show FREE DEMO will be available during Steam Next Fest between 16-22 June!

The Crackpet Show is a 2D bullet-hell roguelike game, where the player takes on the role of a post-apocalyptic warrior known as the Crackpet who takes part in the crazy show where he is thrown onto the arena to fight against mutated creatures and blast through them while avoiding traps and numerous obstacles.

Choose between Single Player Mode or Co-Op Mode for up to four players. During the festival players will be able to play The Crackpet Show demo using the Steam Remote Play feature, quickly dashing into the action and connecting with others without the need of going outside the comfort zone.

Join the event and meet the Vixa Team during live streaming sessions, giveaways and some other crazy stuff we have prepared for that occasion. First, live stream is scheduled for the 16th of June right when the festival hits at 10 AM PDT (7 PM CEST)! The second will start on 19th June at 10 AM PDT (7 PM CEST). More details will be announced soon, so keep an eye out there for notifications!

The Crackpet Show – Reveal Trailer

What exactly is The Crackpet Show, you may ask. To put it in simple terms: it’s the world’s biggest TV show where mayhem is the most desired action and sanity has long been forgotten. Fluffy killing machines, armored with the technology that matches their state of the mind (snowballs can hurt), have to go through each level with the best performance possible to get the highest amount of likes and fame and get some incredible prizes.

Difficulty rises with each arena, however, during the adventure, players can discover numerous weapons, for example, Melody Gun or Black Hole Gun, special and super special perks like amplifying damage, get an extra life or poison arena after the shot to name a few.

Get items like Invisibility Bag, Stinky Mine, TNT, or a deadly robot that works similar to Roomba. Put everything together and when combined will turn on the champions’ berserk mode. Give trophies from bosses to the sponsors in order to obtain their blessings and get permanent buffs. Every episode of the show will surprise you! Expect the unexpected!

The Crackpet Show gameplay

The Crackpet Show Features

  • Performance matters, victory is only secondary – Impress the audience by creating uncontrollable chaos and get more likes and fame with each kill. The more the merrier! In the end, there can be only one winner. 
  • Teamplay! – Gather up to 4 friends, hack & slash together through enemies, and win the hearts of your fans (not literally). Team up, share the loot (when the time comes fight for it), and even revive your partners when dead. There can be only one star but that star will need sidekicks
  • Monotony not in the dictionary – procedurally generated maps, numerous enemies, collection of weapons, items, and perks – more with each passing episode of the show! Choose one of four available starting classes (Assault, Engineer, Medic & Tank) and play with your favourite Crackpet (Bunny, Cowie, Rusty, Sharky). Discover different combinations of weapons, perks, and items that will turn you into the killing machine the crowd wants! If you don’t want to become a red spot on the ground, before advancing on to the harder chapters of the show it is also a good idea to upgrade them so you can get a bit of advantage on start. All you need to create the overwhelming bloodshed is right there waiting for you.
  • Nostalgic inspiration – The gore and graphics are a reflection of the characters’ lust for blood and their craziness which brings us to sweet and creepy Happy Tree Friends inspired characters and the crazy show that must go on! The post-apocalyptic hype train will soon take off!
  • Lights, camera, and action! – Pure roguelike hack & slash action until the last episode of the Show! Slice, poison, trap, shot, nuke, dash – no holds barred – epic carnage must be created! Star needs trophies, trophies drop from the bosses. Now go slay everything and become a champion!

The Crackpet Show will be available on Steam this summer! The Crackpet Show will also be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation & Xbox at a later date.

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