SYNCED now available for PC: A futuristic fusion of PvE and PvP action

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For all the shooter aficionados, today is the day! Level Infinite proudly releases SYNCED on Steam and the Epic Games Store. PC gamers can now immerse themselves in the gripping world of the Meridian. Console enthusiasts fear not – SYNCED will be firing its way onto the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S this winter.

Crafted by the innovative minds at NExT Studios, SYNCED unfolds a captivating narrative set in the Meridian, a landscape scarred and haunted by Nanos. These are not your usual foes; they were once humans, now grotesquely altered by haywire nanotechnology. Players assume the mantle of Runners, intrepid fortune-seekers, traversing the hazardous Meridian in a quest for the invaluable nano-energy substance, Nerva.

SYNCED artwork of battle

Dive into dynamic three-player co-operative gameplay, where Runners can bolster their ranks by syncing with the dominant Prime Nanos. These entities, once adversaries, morph into deployable Companion Nanos. These allies can be strategically utilised, complementing diverse play styles and steering the battle’s direction.

Solo players can relish the Meridian’s challenges with a dedicated Solo Mode, designed for the independent spirits.

In the turbulent world of SYNCED, adaptability is key. Players will stumble upon exchange machines scattered across their journey, offering random power-ups termed Exchange Mods. While these mods fade post-run, they furnish players with momentary strength surges. Defeating foes might drop loot, which can be transported back to the Runners’ sanctuary, Haven. Here, players can equip these as enduring Runner Mods, boosting their power quotient for the lurking perils of the Meridian.

SYNCED gameplay of battle

Gun enthusiasts can savour the Guntech feature, unlocking weapons that redefine regular firearms. One standout is the “Vicious Cycle”, which recalls bullets upon reload, inflicting bonus damage.

The dedicated team at NExT Studios is tirelessly sculpting additional content for Season 1 – the Rift Chasers update, set to arrive shortly after launch.

For further details on SYNCED, connect with the official channels on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.

SYNCED can be downloaded for free on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the official SYNCED website.

SYNCED trailer

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