Here Comes Niko! – A delightfully cosy 3D platformer adventure

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Are you ready for an adventure that’s both relaxing and engaging? Pack your bags and join Niko on a unique journey across vibrant islands where every step brings a smile to your face!

The story of Niko

Niko’s latest gig at Tadpole Incorporated is no ordinary job. As a Professional Friend, your responsibilities span across scenic islands, mingling with the quirky local inhabitants, which are, interestingly, mostly animals! From assisting them with their daily tasks like fishing and puzzle-solving to just lending a listening ear, Niko’s island adventures are anything but mundane.

With the hilarious and bewildering realization that his boss is a tie-wearing frog, Niko finds himself questioning: How exactly did he land this bizarre yet delightful job? And what kind of frog is his boss? (Apart from being green, of course.)

Here Comes Niko professional friend

Journey & exploration

Throughout the game, players will get the chance to traverse six distinct islands. From the serene beaches of Hairball City to the lush trails of Salmon Creek Forest and the bustling public pool, there’s always something (or someone) interesting waiting for you.

Collector’s Edition alert!

If you’re a fan of physical game editions, you’re in for a treat! In partnership with Super Rare Games, the game is getting a physical release for the Nintendo Switch. There are only 4,000 copies up for grabs, so make sure you set your alarms for the sale on September 14th. For those keen on collectables, the Collector’s Edition not only includes the game but also comes packed with exclusive merchandise like a Friend’s Book, a foldable train map, and more.

To sweeten the deal, 150 fortunate buyers of the Collector’s Edition will find an exclusive art print crafted by the lead artist of Here Comes Niko.

Here Comes Niko promises a heartwarming, laid-back gameplay experience. It’s an invitation to step back, relax, and dive into a world filled with light-heartedness, humour, and tons of friendly creatures. So, whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or simply seeking a fun and light-hearted adventure, Niko’s journey as a Professional Friend in a world filled with whimsical creatures is sure to captivate you! Don’t miss out on this cosy 3D platformer for the Nintendo Switch.

Here Comes Niko - Coming Soon

Here Comes Niko trailer

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