Streets of Rogue just released a DLC pack with six brand new characters on Xbox and PlayStation. The pack will also come to Nintendo Switch soon.

This rogue-lite about player choice and anarchy is now giving players even more freedom in the adventure of becoming mayor of the city. They can play as the Alien and mind control their way to victory or be the Courier and roller skate into becoming the mayor! 

If new to Streets of Rogue, the Streets of Rogue Character Bundle will get all they need to cause chaos, complete the missions, and determine the future of the city!

Streets of Rogue is also on Xbox Game Pass!

About the New Characters:

The Streets of Rogue Character Pack adds six new playable characters, each with their own unique new abilities and Big Quests:

  • Mech Pilot: Pilot your very own mini-mech and slaughter all of the city’s creeps, RoboCop style!
  • Courier: Strap on a pair of roller skates and speed around the city delivering packages!
  • Alien: Use your mind control abilities to make the city’s denizens do things that probably aren’t good for their health!
  • Goon: Do your job! Defend buildings from invaders and attain the rank of Supergoon!
  • Bouncer: Become a bodyguard and keep a semi-famous Musician safe and sound!
  • Demolitionist: Craft tons of remote-detonated bombs, then plant them around the city, causing mass chaos!

All characters are unlocked right from the start! The new character traits and abilities can also be used on custom-made characters!

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