Coming back to Monster Hunter: Rise

by Ben Kirby
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I was really quite excited for the release of Monster Hunter: Rise, and well….I burned out on Monster Hunter really quickly.  Playing through Monster Hunter World on PC and playing Rise on Switch at the same time, I wasn’t doing myself any favours.

Marred by the fact I have no friends on Switch to play Monster Hunter: Rise with, I dropped off quite hard.

Truth is, I love Monster Hunter Rise, and goddamn it, I need to get back in the saddle!  

Since release, there have been countless additions and updates, and I never even got through the main story.  So I have loads to come back to. Casually playing through Death Stranding at the moment for that more low energy kind of adventure.  I’m enjoying the fact I have a fast-paced action game to play away from my PC.

Monster Hunter Rise is back baby!

Monster Hunter Rise quest complete

Picking up where I left off

Weapon changes in Monster Hunter: Rise meant that I wasn’t initially comfortable with my trusty Insect Glaive.  Combined with the silk-bind moves, I wasn’t finding that flow straight away.

I took to the Sword and Shield but eventually made the shift back to where I belonged.  Above the action or flying through the chaos with a sharpened edge.  Man do I love this series.

I’m not too far from the conclusion of the story, and I’m hammering-out rampages (one of the new modes brought to Monster Hunter: Rise) to grind for gear.

It turns out I left it at the point where everything is seemingly dialled-up to 11.  I’m hunting Rajang frequently, chasing-down Magnamalo and getting smashed about like a fool.  I bloody love it!

Top that off with several full-version updates, there are new story moments and new monsters that I wouldn’t have faced when I started playing, anyway.  It feels like a good time to come back to Monster Hunter Rise. And you can check out some tips HERE if you’re a beginner yourself.

Monster Hunter Rise just does things better

Getting back into Monster Hunter is always a daunting task.  These games are so densely packed with inventory management, gear management, weapon combos, environment and monster knowledge etc.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little hesitant to get going again, despite my cravings for some of that high-octane action.

Rise just does everything a bit better than the likes of Monster Hunter World, though.  Arguably it’s a much softer touch and made “easier” for new players, but I think it’s more about creating efficiencies.

Palamutes to ride around an area quicker.  Healing and collecting items on the go. Even mining ores is a one-stop-shop instead of taking 3 or 4 hacks at them.

I think we’ll see more around this particular conversation over the next few months as Monster Hunter Rise comes to PC (Steam demo out at the moment).  Will the graphical upgrade be enough to sway those on the fence?

Personally, I find the workflows of getting around, collecting materials and generally existing in Monster Hunter Rise are slicker and better than in World.  But Monster Hunter is a series full of purists and gatekeepers……so maybe I’m “wrong”?


So I’m back at it and want to go a bit more into detail on the specifics, over here at Fullsync.  Additions like Rampages and wirebugs need the closer inspection! Working on better builds, checking out the Meta and just getting myself into a decent position to start the next expansion. I’ll do my best to share it all.

If you’re a Monster Hunter fan but waiting for Rise to hit PC, you won’t be disappointed.  Just be ready to accept change to make things more efficient and welcoming to new players.

With the release of the Sunbreak expansion coming out in the Summer of next year on both Switch and Steam, there’s going to be plenty to go at! Time to get prepped to start the next adventure, I guess!

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