Survival game ‘SERUM’ unveils fearsome world in first gameplay trailer

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Independent Polish developer Game Island, in association with publisher Toplitz Productions, has today lifted the curtain on a gripping new gameplay trailer for their forthcoming first-person survival game, SERUM. Unveiled from Oberhaching, Germany on June 8th, 2023, the trailer offers an intriguing first look into the mysterious, luminescent world that awaits players in this game.

The trailer lays bare the chilling reality of the game, tasking players with utilising a mysterious glowing liquid to craft their escape from a forbidding location. This luminescent liquid serves as a vital resource for survival but comes laced with intriguing side effects that are set to shape the player’s experience.

SERUM screenshot

SERUM anchors its gameplay in exploration, combat, and crafting, set against the backdrop of a world steeped in mystery and fraught with danger. Survival will hinge upon players’ ability to scavenge essential resources, experiment, and craft an array of tools and weapons. Developed using the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5, SERUM is the latest title announced by Toplitz Productions, promising visually stunning, narrative-driven gameplay for both single and co-op players.

“In the hauntingly beautiful world of SERUM, survival extends beyond physical endurance. The game’s unique brewing mechanics invite players to experiment with diverse mixtures for extraordinary outcomes. With the odds stacked against them, SERUM encourages players to explore and fight to stay alive,” explained Michał Ojrzyński, CEO of Game Island.

Toplitz Productions’ CEO, Matthias Wuensche, further added, “We are thrilled to broaden our portfolio with SERUM. The game’s unique time-based approach, combined with a gripping narrative set in a captivating yet perilous world, will offer truly exciting gameplay.”

SERUM gameplay at workbench

For additional information about SERUM, visit the game’s official Steam page. Regular dev logs will also offer more insights into the enigmatic world, the intricate crafting mechanics, and the unnerving dangers that players will confront in the game.

Game Island S.A., a subsidiary of The Dust S.A., was established in July 2020 and specialises in the production of games for Steam and console platforms. Their first major title, SERUM, is currently under development and will be published globally by Toplitz Productions.

SERUM trailer

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