Sandberg release microphone as used on TV

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Using the same microphone as used on TV looks really professional when streaming or holding online meetings.

But that doesn’t have to be the most important reason for choosing Sandberg’s new gadget. Choose it for the sake of sound quality. Not only do you avoid the problem of distance to your web camera, but you also gain an excellent gizmo for your PC.

The market for being seen online has exploded during the pandemic. We believe that this is a trend that will continue, even when we can see each other in flesh again. That’s why it’s so important to have the right gear. A Clip Microphone from Sandberg is far more discreet than a headset with a boom microphone and still provides a high-quality microphone close to your mouth. I certainly recommend considering it, if only for the sake of the person you’re talking to.

Anders Partida Petersen, Brand Director at Sandberg A/S,

These are already on their way to stores and webshops. For more information, go to

Sandberg Clip On Microphone image and features

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