Independent developer Rhino Games last weekend held the first tournament of the year for their free-to-play competitive collectable card game Mythgard. As the first of six live-streamed Open Qualifiers for the 2021 Mythgard Competitive Season, competitors brawled in a Swiss tournament, with the top 8 battling it out live on Twitch this Saturday, in an attempt to win the $1,000 prize pool, alongside in-game coins and mythril. 

The 2021 Mythgard Competitive Season comprises six ranked ladder seasons and six qualification tournaments, which run on a bi-monthly basis. To compete, competitors must progress to Silver rank or above on the in-game ladder. When the competitive season finishes in December 2021, the top 16 players will compete for $20,000 in a prestigious tournament, fighting for the grand title of Mythgard World Champion.

We are so excited to kick off our 2021 Mythgard Competitive Season with this first tournament! We created Mythgard with the competitive scene in mind, and are blown away by the positive response to this weekend’s tournament. Jump on the ladder and join us for our next Open Qualifier in May!

Peter Hu, Co-founder of Rhino Games
Mythgard Competitive gameplay

In Mythgard, use powerful cards to cast spells, summon minions, create artefacts and enchant the battlefield in order to outwit your opponent. Build your collection of cards through play, you don’t have to spend a cent if you don’t want to, with the extensive single-player and multiplayer modes offering daily rewards. Mythgard’s unique resource management system means that players create their mana throughout the game, meaning that every decision can be the difference between victory and defeat. Mythgard is available to play on Steam, iOS and Google Play with dynamic cross-play encouraged.

Mythgard borrows the best elements from established collectable card games and combines them to create a truly tense and strategic gameplay experience. Unlike its contemporaries, Mythgard offers an innovative spectation and tournament client, where anyone can set up, compete or spectate a tournament in-game, as well as a unique 2v2 mode where tactical teamwork is absolutely required! To ensure players have access to the most powerful decks, Rhino Games are currently giving away faction codes to unlock the majority of the most powerful spells – follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date!

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