Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ

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Games that make you feel a bit cool are great — but not all of them are great games. Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac invites players to embody the Saint Seiya’s famous Saints in a way that has had fans in raptures. The 35th anniversary of the first of Musami Kurumada’s critically-acclaimed Saint Seiya comic book series has seen this game win the hearts of fans, old and new. Beautiful visuals, familiarly engrossing storylines — and no small amount of posturing — have made it an instant classic with an ever-increasing band of devoted followers.

Knights of the Zodiac’s stylish ‘playable anime’ style has enthralled fans of the Saint Seiya series with a continually evolving RPG blessed with some stellar production values. The thrill you get when summoning a powerful character and the continual introduction and reintroduction of new characters keeps the game interesting and challenging. Ultimately, it hasn’t taken players long to figure out about the best combinations, and most powerful teams, in the current patch. This is where frequent additions of new and powerful characters, offers much-needed diversity and balance to each roster of unlockable heroes. 

As any Saint Seiya player will tell you though, it’s also not just about the most powerful heroes — but also the sheer nostalgia of unlocking characters some haven’t seen since they read Saint Seiya as children. Fortune Cat events and the appearance of Arayashiki Shaka or the 8th Sense of the Gold Saints, Virgo Shaka, have also proven genuine highlights. 

This month, the game saw the launch of super-popular time-limited S Saints including Griffon Minos and the King of the Underworld – Hades. To mark the first six months in style, there are to be a series of celebrations starting tomorrow (March 11). Poseidon joins the Advanced Summon Pool, while Drop Rate will increase and Time Recharge Double Coupons will reset. A number of brand-new discounted packages will also appear, simply login tomorrow to get 1000 diamonds — and a special frame as well! 

Players should also look out for all-new function, Treasure Pavilion: a development system where players can increase combat value of Saints by collecting different items. Strategy is everything in this game, of course, so we’re looking forward to seeing this bring some interesting twists. 

Two big events will also hit this month: the Jamir Championship — SS: KOTZ’ top PvP Competition — kicks off Season 5 March 16th. Furthermore, last month’s ever-popular PvP Melee will return this month, to be held across the last two weekends of March. The theme of this month’s Melee has different rules and gameplay modes and — remember — players looking to enjoy these events will only be able to access them in the global version of the game.

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