The evolution of Fortnite in 2023

by Ben Kirby
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Erm, have you played Fortnite over the past few weeks? No longer satisfied with being one of the biggest games on the planet as a battle royale, Fortnite has grown and changed in a pretty significant way recently.

The latest chapter came out, sure. There was an event (a lot of us couldn’t get in the event, so that was a fail!), talk of some new bits, videos etc. But then something else happened. The actual game “Fortnite” became a suite of different games over the space of a week.

Now, if you sign in, you’re not just presented with a variety of Battle Royale game modes (or Save the World if you’re one of the 3 people who bought that…..). Nope. Now, you have a racing game, a Minecraft-like and a music/rhythm game.

Not only do you have these additional games, but they’re all in-universe and they’re developed by some of the best studios for their genres. It’s crazy how massive the metaverse (vomit here) of Fortnite has grown. Use your licenced skins to race cars, play songs and build houses…

Fortnite - Kakashi

Fortnite x Lego

I’ve intentionally left out the name “Lego” until now because initial expectations of the Fortnite x Lego collab we much lower than what we ended up with.

I’ll be honest, I thought maybe a Lego-themed battle royale and battle pass. That would have been cool, and I’d have been really happy with that. However, what we got was bigger, deeper and way more impressive!

Think Minecraft, but everything is Lego blocks. You’re controlling Lego versions of your Fortnite characters, and you’re crafting and surviving like you would playing Minecraft.

The genius of this isn’t lost on me. One of the biggest platforms in gaming and Lego combined is a licencing deal dream. Fortnite and Lego already have that market sewn up with Disney/Marvel/DC etc. So the cross-promotion opportunities here are massive.

Add into the mix the fact that it’s a Minecraft-style game. One of the other biggest in the world. And you have a money-making machine.

The Fortnite Lego mode is excellent, too. It plays exactly as you’d expect but with all the wonder of Lego building that we all love, even as adults.

Create a world with your friends, build a village, and go exploring. You name it, it’s there, and you can do it as your favourite Fortnite Skin in minifig form!

Fortnite - Lego

Fortnite Rocket Racing

Developed by Psyonix, the team from Rocket League, Fortnite now has a Rocket Racing game, too!

In Fortnite’s Rocket Racing, players find that the key to victory lies not in the choice of car, as all vehicles have equal performance, but in their mastery of speed boosts. Winning strategies involve timing the launch at the start line, drifting effectively, drafting behind opponents, hitting boost pads strategically, and skillfully activating a charged boost. The art of using these boosts, especially chaining them together, can provide a significant edge in races, making it crucial for players to quickly grasp these mechanics.

However, success in Rocket Racing isn’t just about speed; it’s about precision and reaction. The fast-paced nature of the game demands quick reflexes. Collisions with walls or obstacles can slow a racer down significantly, and severe impacts may even cause a car to respawn, leading to a loss of precious time. Additionally, players must be wary of opponents who can draft or collide with them, potentially disrupting their race. Thus, staying alert and adapting to the ever-changing race dynamics is vital for climbing the ranks in this thrilling mode

I’ll be honest, it’s the least impressive of the new additional games in Fortnite, but it’s no slouch and fun for a couple of races here and there.

Fortnite - Rocket Racing

Fortnite Festival

The most surprising entry to Fortnite. I had no clue what to expect here. The teaser trailer showed very little of what this was going to be. Little did I realise it was going to be the latest game from Harmonix, the studio that brought you Guitar Hero.

So yep, you guessed it. It’s a rhythm game, you can play solo or as a band with your friends. Pick your skins, and your instruments, and jam out for a bit with your friends!

It’s a pretty basic affair if you’re familiar with the Guitar Hero games, although, using a mouse and keyboard, or a controller is something that takes getting used to. Songs rotate in and out of the available tracklist, and you have various difficulty levels to try.

Fortnite is the new Guitar Hero!

Fortnite - Festival

The sky is the limit

Let’s not beat about the bush here, Fortnite is setting out to further dominate the free-to-play market. Turning over billions in skins and battle passes.

All of these games will earn you XP towards your battle pass, so you’re never being removed from your seasonal progress, which is a clever trick. If you’re always working towards your overall levels, you’re happy to dip in and out of all the games and that means you’re engaged with Fortnite as a platform, for much longer.

Minifigs, joint progression, Lego building and music. What is the Fortnite metaverse going to become in another year?! It’s interesting if anything else, but truth be told, it’s bloody good fun, too.

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