Luna Galaxy: A new powerhouse in esports co-launched by Diogo Jota and Galaxy Racer

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Liverpool’s Diogo Jota, renowned as one of Europe’s finest FIFA players, is venturing further into the world of esports. Together with Galaxy Racer, the fastest-growing esports platform globally, they are introducing Luna Galaxy, an esports team aimed at setting new standards in the industry.

The emergence of Luna Galaxy

With its roots in the highly successful Diogo Jota Esports, Luna Galaxy is set to make an even bigger splash in the esports landscape. Combining the strengths of Diogo Jota and Galaxy Racer, the new venture will extend its reach beyond the FIFA/EA Sports FC world, foraying into tournaments for games like DOTA 2 and Rocket League.

Liverpool's Diogo Jota in a Luna Galaxy shirt

Bridging real and virtual football

The investment by Jota, a football superstar with Liverpool, reflects his conviction in the potential of esports. Having experienced success in both arenas, Jota believes Luna Galaxy can captivate a global audience, mirroring the worldwide appeal of football.

A powerful alliance

Jota’s commitment to Luna Galaxy is not just financial; he has also become a shareholder in Galaxy Racer and will play a pivotal role in shaping the esports strategy moving forward. This partnership signifies a merger of expertise, fusing Jota’s competitive success on the field and online with Galaxy Racer’s esports infrastructure, branding proficiency, and professional experience.

Paul Roy, the CEO of Galaxy Racer, shared his excitement about the partnership, saying, “Having Diogo Jota join us as a leader and investor is an honour. His competitive success aligns perfectly with our vision. With our resources and experience, Luna Galaxy is poised to make a significant impact in the competitive gaming world.”

An all-star lineup

Luna Galaxy’s FIFA/EA Sports FC team, freshly rebranded from Diogo Jota Esports, is a formidable force. With its impressive track record of major competition victories, including the first RIC Cup in 2022, the team has already proven its mettle. The lineup features acclaimed players such as Jafonsogv, Don70Pablo, MarQzou, and DFernandes, with Armando Vale serving as the manager.

Luna Galaxy team photo

Training the next generation

In addition to its competitive ambitions, Luna Galaxy also aims to nurture the next generation of esports professionals. The team will be hosting boot camps in Portugal and the Netherlands, offering invaluable coaching opportunities for budding talents.

Expanding horizons

As Luna Galaxy looks to broaden its impact, team lineups for DOTA 2 and Rocket League will be announced in the future. This initiative underlines Luna Galaxy’s commitment to becoming a diverse and multi-faceted presence in the esports scene.

Luna Galaxy badge

About Galaxy Racer

Established in 2019 by group CEO Paul Roy, Galaxy Racer has swiftly grown into a global powerhouse. Inspired by Roy’s favourite anime and manga, Galaxy Express and Speed Racer, the company has diversified into an array of entities including GXR Records, Nigma Galaxy, Wave Rider, and Pop C.

Galaxy Racer’s aim is to connect its Gen Z and Millennial audiences with brands by disrupting traditional models around digital media, sports, entertainment, gaming, and lifestyle content. By integrating content and service channels, the company aims to seamlessly deliver multiplied market shares via distribution platforms and marketing partners.

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