Revolutionary Gaming Currency ‘Quarters’ Scores 300,000 Users

by Chris Camilleri
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Quarters, the cross-game blockchain token providing a friendly and accessible alternative to conventional single title in-game currencies, has eclipsed more than 300,000 users worldwide since its 2019 launch and receiving the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) first and only no-action letter for a games industry token.

The first cross-game currency powered by blockchain, Quarters unites previously disconnected titles, giving players a way to use funds wherever and however they wish. The digital coins also grant gamers access to participate in events hosted by more than 200 partnered content creators, where they can win prizes, including new games, hardware, and gift cards. 


A recent Quarters tournament allowed players to compete for a $3,000 prize and interact with popular streamers and Fornite pros, including BughaNate HillChap, and many more, in front of livestream audiences totaling more than half a million viewers across Twitch.

As the Quarters platform grows and evolves, the community of more than 300,000 users have enjoyed unprecedented benefits. In the last year, Quarters has rewarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes to its lucky users. Meanwhile, Quarters is helping partnered content creators experience exponential growth by providing them new ways to win and engage with fans.

Quarters facilitates engaging gaming experiences, closing the gap between livestreamers and their viewers. A home for content creators to host tournaments with a highly-competitive community of gamers, Quarters allows fans to connect with and play alongside their idols.

The service offers events across a wide variety of popular titles, such as ValorantFIFACall of Duty, and League of Legends. With more serious players investing, entry fees guarantee a higher quality of gameplay. Thrilling matches keep participants at the edge of their seats, frequently leaving them yearning to return for more. Meanwhile, content creators have grown their communities as much as 150 times over or more since partnering with Quarters.

“Quarters was envisioned as a consumer-friendly alternative to in-game spending–something to help people make the most of their money. However, we could never have expected it to become the haven for competitive gamers and growing streamers it is today,” said Timothy Tello, COO, Pocketful of Quarters. “It’s been an amazing ride these past couple of years, helping to make dreams come true and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon!”

Available via the App Store and Google Play, Quarters can be used across a variety of gaming platforms and popular titles. Game studios can collect and exchange Quarters for Ether. These premium tokens have a fixed price, cannot be sold, and are for entertainment purposes only.

For more information, please visit Pocketful of Quarters’ official website and join the community by following on TikTok and Twitter, taking part in the Discord, or liking the Facebook page. 

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