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Last year not only saw the arrival of a whole bunch of amazing games, it also observed the launch of three new consoles; the Nintendo Switch, the PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One X. You could argue there was only one new console really since two were just rehashes of existing hardware, but that debate can lie dormant until another time.

Out of the three, sales figures would suggest that the Switch has been the most popular globally with roughly 15 million units sold worldwide. This, of course, will be music to Nintendo’s ears after the woeful performance of the Wii U. It will, however, be unwelcome news to Microsoft and Sony who thought creating more powerful consoles capable of 4K would be the key to winning the console wars. Turns out that plain old fun trumps high specs.

As for the games side of things, there were many brilliant titles that graced our screens as well as a few that may have bored or frustrated us, and it seems 2018 has a lot to bring us as well. So, we thought we’d get some of our staff to put together a little roundup of what they felt were their least/most favourite games and which titles they’re looking forward to most this coming year.


Favourite game of 2017: I think personally, my favourite game of 2017 has to be What Remains of Edith Finch? The storytelling was done exceptionally well and the game had me gripped all the way through, keeping things fresh by switching up the gameplay for each of the short stories you visited throughout the game.

I have to give a special mention to Super Mario Odyssey as well though because since I unwrapped it on Christmas day, I’ve not been playing anything else really. We finally have a decent successor to Super Mario 64.

Least favourite game of 2017: My least favourite this year is probably Outlast 2. Not because it was a bad game because it wasn’t, but due to how good the first one was and the hype around it, I just felt it didn’t deliver. It’s like ordering a meat feast pizza and being given a veggie supreme. You’ll accept what’s given to you, but it wasn’t what you were craving.

Most looking forward to in 2018: This year I’m most looking forward to Anthem. After the flop of Destiny 2 and its first expansion, I really need a decent multiplayer game to tuck into. And, if the trailer revealed at E3 last year was anything to go by, this is going to be EPIC!


Favourite game of 2017: Best of 2017 has to be Tekken 7, or Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Least favourite game of 2017: Had to think a little for this one, but it’s FIFA 18 because it is painfully full of bugs.

Most looking forward to in 2018: If Last of Us 2 does come out in 2018 and doesn’t get pushed back, then that’s definitely my choice.


Favourite game of 2017: 2017, Nintendo smashed it. Zelda and Mario were unbelievable.

Least favourite game of 2017: Worst game? Destiny 2. While fun, the lack of content and direction are massively disappointing.

Most looking forward to in 2018: 2018? I’m looking forward to Metroid, Red Dead 2, and hopefully, the Pokémon game for the Switch too.

Megan (Our newest recruit)

Favourite game of 2017: Probably Outlast 2, sometimes severe threat and loss of limbs is a good way to spend your downtime. I also particularly like the way it turns my boyfriend into a jumpy Lil girl…..

Least favourite game of 2017:  Life is Strange: Before the Storm.  I won’t lie, I love Life is Strange, and this is not because it is not a good game, but the first instalment of the series kept me gripped… Before the Storm, however, has yet to blow my mind.

Most looking forward to in 2018: Jurassic World Evolution, just because…dinosaurs are great.

Chris Gemmell

Favourite game of 2017: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Least favourite game of 2017:  Team Racing League

Most looking forward to in 2018: Days Gone! It looks like it’s going to be a brilliant game! I’m rather excited for a zombie game to push the boundaries a little.

And that’s all from our staff, for now, we’ll be adding more later on as and when they make their decisions on what games got their juices flowing, and which games left their pants drier than an African desert.

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