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by Ben Kirby
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Rondo has been out for a couple of weeks at this point, and I need to get it off my chest…..

This is the best map in ages. I enjoyed Deston, I’ve loved the re-masters of the other maps, and I’ve had a blast for ages. But this map hits differently.

Still an 8×8 map, it feels bigger, more varied and more dense. More importantly, I think….it delivers all this scale and size but doesn’t seem to have all the same opportunities for long-range gunplay. I’ve found myself getting higher kill counts, and more dinners in the last month than I have over the last year,

Rondo is working for me!

Rice paddies, a massive stadium, a car factory and a test track. There are varied environments, but they don’t all just feel smashed together for the sake of making a map. They’re here to change your approach as a match progresses. Also, I crashed my car in a pond and I’m fuming about the line of sight with all the hills and cliffs….

PUBG: Rondo NEOX Factory

Rondo Press Release

A new phase kicks off for KRAFTON’s PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS today with the 27.1, allowing players to dive into RONDO, the tenth map for the game. RONDO launches for PC players today, and for console players on 14 December.


RONDO, also known as the Ground of Honor, is the newest 8×8 map, boasting the largest playable area of any map so far. This expansive map is divided into two distinct regions, each offering a unique atmosphere combining familiar gameplay and innovative strategic approaches. [The map] introduces a fresh narrative and expanded choices within the core elements of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS – LAND, LOOT, SURVIVE. With its new features and content, it brings a dynamic and engaging gaming experience with every playthrough.

RONDO stands out in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS with its diverse terrain, from serene lakes and bamboo groves in the southwest, to distinct ridges in the northeast. Notable areas like the verdant beauty of Yu Lin village, Tin Long Garden’s waterfall-rich landscape, and Mey Ran’s riverside architecture offer varied strategic options. Jadena City’s skyscrapers and neon-lit streets promise intense urban battles, while the NEOX Factory introduces unique combat scenarios. Additional areas like Rin Jiang, Jao Tin, and the Stadium present their own challenges. The map’s innovative features include destructible bamboo for tactical depth, and an additional starting plane for more landing options. [The map] also introduces the JS9, a 9mm SMG ideal for close combat.


KRAFTON has also launched RONDO’s official live-action film, PUBG | GROUND OF HONOR: RONDO from Sam Hargrave, the Director of Extraction and Extraction 2, starring Daniel Wu (The Man with the Iron Fists, Tomb Raider, Reminiscence) and Lee Jung-Jae (Squid Game). Daniel Wu takes the role of Alpha, striving for the survival of the entire team, while Lee Jung-Jae portrays Beta, seeking revenge for his brother’s death at the hands of the Alpha team. This short film vividly depicts the essence of the new map through an intense showdown between two formidable adversaries.


To commemorate the release of RONDO, the new Survivor Pass: RONDO is now underway. With this update, the reward system has been revamped, introducing various new rewards including G-COIN, Schematics, Survivor’s Chests, and Artisan Tokens to the Survivor Pass rewards. New collaboration items featuring actor Daniel Wu as Alpha and Lee Jung-Jae as Beta in RONDO will be available for PC players until 6 March 2024 and for console players until 14 March 2024.

For more information about RONDO, please visit https://pubg.com/rondo. For the latest on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, please visit https://pubg.com/en-eu or follow us on social media (Twitter/Instagram /Facebook /TikTok) for the latest on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

PUBG Rondo Reveal

Looking forward

The sweet new SMG (JS9), obscured lines of sight and got more kills than usual. Rondo has come to play, and where Deston gave us that new map feel and some big city spaces. Rondo is doing the same, and somehow feeling more familiar and just more accessible from the get-go.

No doubt we’ll see some nerfing and buffing. Drop rates in different areas will be adjusted etc. But I’ll be the first to say, this feels like a great start that only needs minor tweaks.

There’s so much to explore and learn still.

Can you drop with me so I’m not all alone this winter?

PUBG Rondo river

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