PUBG: Rondo – What we know so far ahead of Dec 6th release

by Ben Kirby

When I hear the words “PUBG” and “New Map” there’s this part of me that can’t be satiated until I’ve played it for a few hours to understand how well it works in the overall scheme of things. So when the word “Rondo” popped up, it more than caught my interest.

Krafton is being a little light on detail, but pushing out a few teasers, which is particularly frustrating, but damn does it help keep my PUBG hype going. There are even clips involving the chap who was the lead in Squid Game, so I’m even more intrigued!

Here are the first couple of trailers:

PUBG: Rondo teaser

PUBG: Rondo map reveal

From Krafton

The latest addition to the PUBG universe: a new map named Rondo. Scheduled to launch on PC on December 6th and consoles on December 14th, Rondo marks the tenth map in the game’s lineup.

The reveal of Rondo was made through a stunning World Art Trailer, which highlighted the unique blend of traditional and modern elements defining this new battleground. Rondo also referred to as the Ground of Honor, is an expansive 8×8 map, setting a record for the largest playable area in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Players will get their first taste of Rondo with the arrival of Update 27.1 on the specified dates for PC and consoles.

PUBG: Rondo Jadena City


The map Rondo features an intriguing mix of old-world charm and contemporary design spread across its varied landscapes. The southwest region of the map welcomes players with serene lakes and tranquil bamboo groves, while the northeast offers a contrasting setting with its multiple ridges. The map includes areas like Yu Lin, a picturesque spot surrounded by lakes and forests, and Tin Long Garden, nestled in a traditional residential zone, which combines nature’s beauty with majestic waterfalls and rugged mountains. Mey Ran, another area on the map, presents a unique setting where buildings and rivers merge, setting the stage for aquatic battles.

But Rondo isn’t just about natural beauty. It also boasts a modern cityscape, like Jadena City, a bustling metropolis adorned with high-rise buildings and glowing neon signs, perfect for urban combat. The NEOX Factory is another highlight, offering a unique battleground with its vehicle test track and factory zones, including the NEOX vehicle Blanc. Other visually striking areas such as Rin Jiang, Jao Tin, and the Stadium add to the map’s diversity.

PUBG: Rondo NEOX Factory

Adding to the uniqueness of Rondo are several new features. Destructible bamboo, a tactical addition, is scattered across the map, allowing players to use throwables or vehicles to clear paths. The map also introduces new transport methods; for instance, Jadena City features a Mid-Level Escalator for quick movement between buildings. Another exciting introduction is the JS9, a 9mm submachine gun (SMG) exclusive to Rondo. This weapon, with its low recoil and automatic firing option, is poised to become a favourite among players navigating this new terrain.

Here we go

It’s only a week or so away, and I’ve been dipping in and out of PUBG with relative frequency as of late. So I’m primed. Warmed-up and ready to drop.

It’s crazy, but one of my favourite things in modern gaming is a new PUBG map. Krafton often has to roll back changes and gear as it ends up being too overpowered or underpowered. So those golden few days of a release are awesome.

I get a feeling Rondo is similar to Deston in how it’s trying to provide multiple environments and terrains. City, forests, factory etc. There’s likely something for everyone. Hopefully, they put it into regular rotation, though because usually after a launch window, the new maps fall out of favour in matchmaking and that’s always a shame.

All being well PUBG will stick the landing with Rondo, and you can be damn sure I’ll be there to let you know about it, good, bad ugly and anything in between.

Where are we dropping?

PUBG Rondo river

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