Did you know that PUBG teamed up with the motorcycle brand El Solitario? Bringing with them some sweet new outfits, and my favourite addition, the Desert Wolf motorcycle!

Thanks to PUBG for sending me codes for one of the outfits and the motorcycle skin, I’ve been running around in sweet biker clobber for a few weeks now and I look sweet. El Solitario is such a natural fit to the Miramar map, and a couple of weeks ago, we saw just that. The limited-time race mode, and the re-vamped Miramar release. Desert roads, biker gear and the Desert Wolf to ride. It’s a real no-brainer collaboration in my opinion.

PUBG x El Solitario outfit

El Solitario

I can’t lie, my knowledge of El Solitario was essentially nothing, but when I saw that PUBG were doing this collaboration, I started to take a look. Partnering with the likes of Harley Davidson, BMW, Ducati and Yamaha, you know these guys are the real deal.

Beyond their custom bike projects, they clearly have a flair for design and a passion for biking. Their whole website is committed to style. With their wolf logo and aspirations of the open roads, how on earth could they not have been approached to partner with PUBG?

Motorcycle collabs and PUBG collab aside, El Solitario has paired with other massive brands in clothing, eyewear and helmets. If I was a biker or had the money to invest in a premium brand like this, I’d be all over their cool gear!

As it stands, I’ve got my sick biker overalls, my helmet (skin for level 1 helmet) and of course the sweet sweet Desert Wolf motorcycle skin). There’s another awesome looking Black leather outfit and matching helmet to get from the store, too! I’m literally minutes away from buying that one, to be honest. Because we all know that looking cool is the most important part of a battle royale game, right? Right?!

PUBG x El Solitario motorcycle

I already recently wrote about the changes to Miramar and the current state of the game so I’ll not bore you again. But I think it’s worth reminding everyone that PUBG is in a really really good place right now, and the continued changes, improvements and tweaks just keep on coming.

We’re expecting to see a new map, soon. The return of an 8 x 8 map that goes by the name of “Taego”, releasing on 7th July 2021. I’m super excited to jump in and look at what has been added. Rumours of self-revives, team revives (from death), massive weapon drops and even perhaps an inverted blue zone?!

I love the pace of a bigger map like Miramar, and it looks to me like Taego might give me more of that. This time I can drop in that awesome El Solitario gear to look as sharp as I hope to shoot……

I’ll see you in PUBG! About time I dropped into a few more matches.

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