PUBG – Miramar Renewed

by Ben Kirby
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Here we go! More PUBG updates and a whole new season.

I love PUBG and you know what? I’ve always liked Miramar. So when I saw that they were giving it an overhaul and adding some new bits in, I couldn’t wait to drop back in.

What’s new?

PUBG has again delivered on some sweet changes! Miramar looks prettier than ever before, with a suite of visual improvements and aesthetic changes.

I’m no expert, but in my first game on Miramar, I came third……..the lines of sight must be clearer or something, right?

On top of the visual changes, we have a new quad bike (still trying to find one!) and some new gear included in the loot tables. I made great use of the decoy grenade late-game, so get the drop on someone. Very welcome addition to such a big map.

With the changes applied, I personally found Mirimar to be a much more vivid, “feeling” warmer and honestly, more vibrant. It’s started to really feel more different to the rest of the maps. It’s all just brighter, cleaner and honestly, the foliage looks more lush.

One thing I’m most excited for is the addition of a new .50 caliber sniper rifle. Dubbed as “anti-vehicle”, and offering window penetration. I’m really looking forward to missing all of my shots and giving away my position, all for the hope of some serious vehicle carnage!

More crates and cosmetics have been added, and disappointingly, there are a lot of G-Coin only purchases. On top of season pass costs, there’s a lot of opportunity to spend real money. Granted, nobody is making you, but I’d like to see a little better opportunities to get more from your Battle Points.


The state of PUBG

Recent changes to the bridge on Erangel, massive map overhauls over the past 12 months, and now this vivid touch-up of Miramar. You can say what you like about PUBG and the developers, they’ve been working flat-out on improving this game every day.

Sure, releases were rough (I played on console day one, it was, erm…….lacking refinement), but the improvments have been significant.

Playing on PC now is honestly a great experience. Sure, I don’t play all day every day, and I’m not victim to the apparent cheating, aim-bots etc. I have a blast every time, solo or with friends.

Miramar looks excellent and the quad/.50 cal are exactly what the doctor ordered! Once I get a few more rounds in, I’ll know what we’re dealing with. But a good few matches last night just left me remembering 2 things:

  1. How far PUBG has come
  2. How great it feels to jump in from time to time.

I’ll probably get the battle pass shortly and casually work through it, although some of the new cosmetics are a little……erm “Fortnite”.

If you like PUBG and love to see it flourish, now is the time to jump back in. If you ask me, the game has never been in such a good state.

Go check-out Miramar, now!!

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bob June 8, 2021 - 1:07 am

Doesn’t matter with the amount of aimbotters per match its unplayable


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