PUBG – Vikendi Reborn: The latest map update

by Ben Kirby
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I know, I know……I’m here to harp on about PUBG again. But, with good reason. Vikendi Reborn. The Vikendi map has been rebuilt and updated in significant ways.

Rebuilt, reimagined and re-released for winter. The snowy map has always been one for fun, but now it’s bigger, shinier and better than ever.

Cable cars and Panzerfausts, oh my!

Vikendi Reborn - Map

Vikendi Reborn – The press

Initially announced through the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Dev Plan 2022, Vikendi will officially return as Vikendi Reborn once Update 21.1 goes live on Dec. 6 for PC and Dec. 15 for console players. Players who want to experience the revamped Vikendi Reborn map may do so today in the PC test server. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the details presented during the Livestream of Vikendi Reborn.

Vikendi Reborn Players will face the harsh reality of the reborn Vikendi map as the snow-covered map has expanded from a 6x6km map to an 8x8km map. Players should be warned as Vikendi Reborn looks to unleash a flurry of harsh conditions – including the new Blizzard Zone. This zone will limit players’ vision due to the wide range of snowstorms that appear throughout the map. See below for numerous features and areas coming to Vikendi Reborn.

  • New Feature: Cable Cars – Cable Cars are a new mode of transportation that players can use to travel around the map. There are two routes for each station, with only one Cable Car running per route. These Cable Cars are completely autonomous and will be available to board once they arrive at their station. This new transportation mode will only be available in Vikendi.
  • New Area: Lab Camp – With the return of Vikendi, Lab Camps have been set up and scattered around the frozen lake in the northwest and each camp varies in size and structure. Alarms have also been installed in certain Lab Camps and they will immediately activate once items are extracted from Supply Drops. Speaking of Supply Drops, a new type of crate can spawn in Lab Camps with certain items pertaining to different types of drops.
    • Yellow Supply Drops: Boost items, Throwables, M79 or Level 3 Equipment may spawn.
    • Red Supply Drops: Weapons available in Vikendi (including ammo) and potential Care Package weapons may spawn.
    • Blue Supply Drops: Attachments available in Vikendi may spawn.
  • New System: Comeback BR The Comeback BR system has been adjusted for Vikendi Reborn, with players receiving three opportunities to return to the fight instead of just one. Eliminated players will spectate their team members until they enter the Comeback BR arena where they will have to survive in order to return to the match. A total of three Comeback BR phases will occur during a single match. If a player returns to the match but is once again eliminated, they’ll be able to join the next phase if they die during the participant recruitment phase. Additionally, players who die in the first and/or second phases are given the opportunity to retry in the next phase. If a squad is eliminated while waiting for the Comeback BR phase to start, they will automatically lose the match.
  • Familiar Features in New Places Familiar features that were only available in Deston have made their way into Vikendi! Map Utility Items (Ascender Attachment and Utility Parachute) will be provided to every player entering Vikendi, while Ascenders have been attached to buildings in Observatory and Coal Mine. Finally, Ascender Towers and Fuel Pumps have been constructed throughout the map.
  • Crowbars, Up! Players may now utilize crowbars to interact with various objects throughout the map. Players can use crowbars to open cabinets and lock buildings. Crowbars must be equipped to interact with cabinets and locked buildings.
  • Shredding Through the Snow  – The Snowmobile has returned to Vikendi! Up to two players can zip through the snow at a max speed of 120km/h and the Snowmobile will no longer decrease in speed across flat surfaces, concrete, roads or hard ground. Players also fire away via the driver’s seat with handguns.

Vikendi was revamped with players’ feedback in mind and it arrives in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on Dec. 6 for PC and Dec. 15 for the console.

Vikendi Reborn - Cable Car

How is it?

Excellent! The map has always been one of those I enjoyed but never really got stuck into. With the running trains and Dinoland, it’s always been a gem with some nice twists offering a different type of map.

As PUBG Corp has been re-building and remastering other maps and delivering something as significant as Deston, Vikendi was left out in the cold (pun intended!).

Now it’s here in all its 8×8 modern glory and it’s lovely. I’ve only had a few drops so far. Finding a network of caves and riding cable cars whilst firing-off rockets. I haven’t been the most sensible player, because I get excited trying new things!

My next drop is Dinoland. Always spicy, but always fun. I can’t wait to see what’s going on over there now.

PUBG has plenty of Battle Royale competition in 2022, but it’s still the OG to me and a classic that keeps improving and retaining the charm that everyone fell in love with years ago.

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