PUBG Update 7.3 Details; PUBG Esports Shares PCS 1 & PCS 2 Details

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PUBG has a number of exciting updates to share. In addition to changes coming to PUBG as part of Update 7.3, PUBG has also announced further details about the next phase of PUBG Esports. PUBG Corporation is following up on May’s exciting PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Continental Series Charity Showdown with PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Continental Series 1 and 2.

For full information, please view the official blog post here. For a quick breakdown, please see below: 

  • PCS 1 Grand Finals, June 25 – July 5 (PCS 1 Europe Grand Finals, June 27-8 and July 4-5): The Grand Finals will see 16 teams battle it out across four days of intense competition over the course of two weeks. Each day will feature five matches across Erangel and Miramar as the teams battle it out for their share of each regional event’s $200,000 USD prize pool;
  • Exclusive items: Exclusive items will be sold in-game, with 25% of the profits from the items distributed back to pro teams across the four global regions (North America, Europe, APAC, Asia);
  • Pick’Em Challenge: PCS 1 and 2 will also mark the return of the Pick’Em Challenge, allowing players on PC and console to guess which team will reign supreme at each regional event. If a pick wins, fans will have the opportunity to take home champion level digital loot. PC fans can take part in the Pick’Em Challenge from 17 June to 2 July while console fans can participate from 23 June to 2 July
PUBG PCS Pick 'em Challenge Items
  • The PCS 1 Europe Group Stage will run from 9 June to 14, where 24 talented rosters from the region will fight for a place at the Grand Finals. The matches will take place from 18:00 CEST each day, and will be streamed on the PUBG Twitch channel and YouTube. For more information please visit the official PCS Europe site.
PUBG PCS Schedule times and dates

PUBG Update 7.3

In addition to all the PUBG Esports news, there are also many updates coming soon with Update 7.3. Update 7.3 introduces a full menu of quality of life improvements and a few enhancements to gameplay that should make a difference in PUBG going forward.

  • Esports Tab: Check out the new in-game Esports tab and participate in the latest edition of the Pick’Em Challenge;
  • Throwable Update: Players can look forward to a pair of significant changes with C4 utility and vehicle damage making a shift to more realism. The sticky explosive can now be thrown and comes with a dangerous 25-metre damage radius. The battlegrounds are a little less safe now players will be tossing C4 around;
  • Vehicle Update: Vehicles that are whittled down to zero hit points, as opposed to taking explosive damage from Redzones or the above-mentioned C4, will no longer explode immediately. Instead, users will have a few seconds to escape after a four-wheeled vehicle (boats and motorcycles aren’t changing) hits 0 HP, loses engine power, and explodes.
PUBG Update 7.3 logo

These updates and more will be available for PC Test Servers on 10 June, followed by their official PC launch on 17 June and 23 June for console players. To view the full patch details, check out the latest patch notes here:

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For more information about PCS 1 Europe, please visit the official website, or follow the Twitter and Instagram pages.

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