Circle Empires Rivals Faces Forces of Nature on June 11th

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After a successful launch in April, the fast-paced RTS Circle Empires Rivals is back with a brand new DLC – Forces of Nature!

Coming to Steam on June 11th for $4.99, players will command new leaders and units, explore the lore book and transform circle biomes in the brand new game mode: ‘Terraform’!

The follow-up to what Kotaku described as “one of the few games in this big tent of a genre that really does seem to do something new” – Circle Empires Rivals does it again and introduces co-op and competitive PvP multiplayer modes, alongside a huge amount of new single-player content.

About Circle Empires Rivals: Forces of Nature

Ancient beings have awoken to lay claim to our circles once more! From the depths come monsters befriended by the crafty merfolk. From the forests come the elves and their woodland allies. Searching for ways to optimize their warfare, these opposing forces harness magics of old – taming beasts to do their bidding and building structures that will instantly transform the land.

Now that power rests within you! Play as two new leaders and control their unique factions. Recruit special units – a wide array of elves, beasts, and tree creatures – even some ferocious fire units! Use their mysterious magic to transform circles into your desired biome. Water circle? Child’s play. Lush forests? Easy peasy. Acid pits that deal damage to everything in the circle? You got it!

Circle Empires Rivals Forces of Nature gameplay

Forces of Nature Key Features:

  • A new game mode ‘Terraform’ allowing you to take control over the battlefield and change terrain types.
  • A lore book with 12 paragraphs and illustrations about the different Circle Empires factions.
  • 20 new units, including giant turtles, peace-loving fairies and shapeshifting wolf-workers!
  • Two new leaders with unique armies
  • New level-ups for existing units

Stay up to date with Circle Empires Rivals and the Forces of Nature DLC below:

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