PUBG Season 7: Revamped Vikendi & Dev Updates

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The 7.1 update for PUBG is here and all the intrigue and rollicking fun of a new Vikendi experience comes with it. Now on PC live servers, players can return to Vikendi for Season 7 and the Survivor Pass: Cold Front premium upgrade.

A new train system around the island and a new vision for popular Vikendi locations like the Cosmodrome and the Dinoland amusement park should change the way players approach the snowy battleground.

7.1 Update:

April 22 – Additional Update:

  • Fixed some cases where players character abnormally earns damage while boarding a train.
  • Fixed the issue where players character earns damage when colliding with other character in mid-air
  • Fixed an issue on Karakin where the visual state of a destructible wall or floor could look different from player to player.
  • Fixed an issue where players could vault to an unintended location within the gym at Pecado on Miarmar
  • Fixed an issue where bullets could pass through certain walls at very long-range due to a change in LOD
  • Fixed an issue which caused auto fire mode to change to single after throwing a grenade in Team Deathmatch.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a water splashing sound to play when exiting a boat, Aquarail or BRDM on land
  • Fixed an issue which could cause multiple map waypoints from the same player to remain visible

April 20 – Additional Update:

  • Sticky Bomb now makes an arming sound as it’s thrown
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Sticky Bombs from dealing damage when multiple were stacked on top of each other

April 16 – Additional Update:

  • Improved FPS hitching issues by improving the memory allocation logic in addition to further improvements for some specific PC configurations
  • Fixed occasional client crashing issue when scrubbing replay timelines

For more information on the updates check out the website here.

PUBG has also recently announced some updates to our PC and console development, which details the latest anti-cheat efforts, such as a two-factor authentication system for PC to help prevent account hacking, among other things.

Console players can expect Update 7.1 to hit live servers next week on 28th April.

For more gaming news check out the website right HERE.

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