PowerWash Simulator VR set to soak Meta Quest 2 in 2023

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Immersive gaming is set to get a whole lot cleaner as FuturLab and nDreams announce the highly anticipated PowerWash Simulator VR is set to drench Meta Quest 2 in 2023. The exciting announcement was made during today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, promising players the chance to dive deeper into the soapy world of power washing with enhanced immersion and interactivity.

The PowerWash Simulator, originally a smash hit on PC and consoles, provides players with a unique and satisfying experience of cleansing various environments of dirt and grime. The VR adaptation promises to add another layer of immersion to this cleaning frenzy, enabling players to literally stretch, kneel, and lean into every dirt-filled corner for a more authentic experience.

PowerWash Simulator VR - Screenshot - Skate Park

FuturLab has teamed up with VR experts nDreams, known for their success with Phantom: Covert Ops and the much-awaited Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, to make this virtual reality dream a reality. The collaboration seeks to not only bring this popular game to the VR market but also to offer a more physically interactive gaming experience.

In PowerWash Simulator VR, players will have the satisfying experience of wielding a power washer with 1:1 control, turning even the toughest cleaning tasks into a relaxing pastime. Chris Mehers, COO at FuturLab, shares the excitement: “PowerWash Simulator has always been about putting relaxation and satisfaction into the hands of the players. Now with PowerWash Simulator VR, we’re able to make this happen literally!”

PowerWash Simulator VR - Screenshot - Mini Golf

David Corless, VP of Publishing at nDreams, also expressed his enthusiasm about the project. “Working with FuturLab to bring such a popular IP to VR has been a blast,” Corless said. “PowerWash Simulator naturally lends itself to what VR does best – immersion, interaction, and fictional teleportation. We can’t wait for the Quest audience to experience the pure joy of PowerWash Simulator VR for themselves.”

Anticipating fans can wishlist PowerWash Simulator VR on the Meta Quest Store right now. FuturLab has hinted that there’s more to come on PowerWash Simulator VR, but in the meantime, curious gamers can visit www.powerwashsimulator.com for more information. Stay tuned to FullSync for more gaming news and updates!

PowerWash Simulator VR trailer

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