Get ready before the summer: Gaming edition

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Summer vacation is one of the few times of the year to which we have actually been accustomed since the earliest days of our school years. For most, summer is a time of indulgence in diverse types of entertainment and hobbies. Yet not all summer days are sunny and warm, and this is where the actual creativity enters the chat. 

If you’re a gamer, then you already know the drill. Have your gaming inventory? Then – you’re good to go! However, it is always more exciting when you leave some space for anticipation. Digital gaming marketplace Eneba is always equipped for that throughout the entire year – digital items from gift cards to subscriptions can be redeemed at any time you want. So, if you’re already anticipating the rainy summer days – follow this guide!

Gaming in summer

The summer months often bring a deluge of highly anticipated game releases, as developers compete for the attention of players who now have the luxury of longer days and relaxed schedules. This is the time when AAA studios, indie developers, and everyone in between showcase their efforts to craft immersive experiences, leaving a resonating impact on gaming communities worldwide. Whether it’s the latest action-packed blockbuster or a heart-warming indie adventure, these releases form a significant part of many people’s summer plans.

For multiplayer game enthusiasts, summer is a season of teaming up with friends for epic online adventures. From the thrilling hunt in battle royales to the camaraderie in cooperative quests, these gaming sessions can last well into the warm summer nights, creating memories that extend far beyond the virtual worlds. Gaming tournaments and esports events, often held during these months, offer another level of thrill, either as an interactive spectator sport or a competitive arena for the truly dedicated.

Gamers gaming outside in the summer

At the same time, video games also offer an escape from the scorching summer heat. As the mercury rises, the allure of a cool, dimly-lit room, coupled with the enchanting landscapes of games, proves irresistible. It’s here, in the serenity of air-conditioned comfort, that players can traverse icy mountains, explore breezy seascapes, or build a rain-soaked metropolis—all within the digital realm.

Moreover, the widespread availability of portable gaming devices and cloud gaming technologies have made it possible to merge gaming with more traditional summer activities. Imagine playing your favourite games while lazing by the poolside or on a shady park bench. Indeed, video gaming in summer can be as outdoorsy as one wishes it to be.

As the boundaries between our digital and physical worlds continue to blur, video gaming stands out as a testament to our evolving summer pastimes. It offers a shared cultural experience, a testing ground for skills, an immersive form of storytelling, and an ever-growing social platform. Whether we’re indulging in the comfort of our homes or on a sun-drenched beach, video gaming in summer has truly found its place under the sun.

How to start preparing for summer?

There are two main ways how you can start preparing for gaming in summer. One way is to start looking at the digital items and filling your shopping cart. Another way is to start purchasing items that you will use later. Of course, both of these methods are impossible if you don’t start saving on time.  

The extent to which you’ll save is up to you. There are many ways to do so, and most of the methods you know already. What matters the most is that digital gaming goods themselves make it easier to save money. Here’s why. When you purchase a digital good online, you avoid delivery, shipping, and middlemen costs that would often be the case with in-store-bought items.

Mario on the Beach showing gaming in summer

Discover platforms selling multiple titles 

When purchasing your summer games digitally, you can obtain various items at once. With a sole subscription or gift card, you can gain multiple games and services. For instance, the possibilities with Xbox Game Pass are much more than plentiful – with one cross-platform subscription, you can obtain more than 100 titles for only five pounds. 

Similarly, the greatest Xbox competitor, PlayStation, bears a multitude of offers within its top subscription plans. Let’s take PS Plus as an example. The now-called Essential (originally, PS Plus) tier would give you access not only to a bunch of free games but also to a multiplayer gaming mode, exclusive discounts, and cloud storage.

But who said that your game selection has to be limited to a device? EA Play Pro is a subscription for those who simply admire EA Play’s products. With an item like that, you’ll never be entitled to run your games either on an exclusive gaming console or on any other device. Contrarily, certain EA Play games can be run even on a smartphone!

So if you’re craving adrenaline from sports titles like FIFA, Madden, and F1 racing, feeling like saving the universe in a grandiose space opera in Mass Effect, or just want to master the Force powers and swing a lightsaber, EA Play’s library of games will keep you hooked for hours. From first-person shooters to action RPGs and high-octane racing, EA Play’s got games for every taste! 

And the best part is – with EA Play being a subscription-based service, you can play all those games for a single fee. Don’t like Battlefield – try Dragon Age or Dead Space! It costs nothing to switch between games and find the one that fits your taste. So why not give it a shot?

Gaming in Summer - Drawing showing people video gaming outside

Top up your experience with extra services

Gaming probably won’t fulfil all your needs. In fact, for it to be successful, one has to sense other additional commodities. You have to make sure you’re staying hydrated, not hungry, well-connected to others, and prepared for the worst-case scenarios in the game. All these conditions can also be met with the help of digital products. 

To replenish your HP – use food delivery services when a game battle eats up all of your time. To have flawless communication with your fellow gamers – grab Discord Nitro and enjoy extra memory as well as video call benefits. Last but not least, in case of a loss – be prepared to recuperate after a fight with additional in-game coins, points, and tools. 

Preparing is not so tough if you try. Although some tasks have to be accomplished automatically, like securing your savings, the rest of it remains a simple matter of exciting anticipation. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that it is rather fun than difficult. Start exploring the limits of the digital marketplace right now, and be equipped for the summer season of gaming!

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