Political Drama Suzerain Will Launch December 4

by Chris Camilleri
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Choices have consequences. As president it’s up to you to lead your nation to repair or ruin. How will you lead?

Fellow Traveller and Torpor Games are pleased to announce that Suzerain, the role-playing tale of political intrigue, will launch on Windows PC and Mac OSX on December 4, 2020.

Watch the Suzerain Date Reveal Trailer:

Suzerain is a deeply intricate political drama set in the fictional nation of Sordland. As the newly elected president, you will be tackling difficult choices on issues such as immigration, healthcare, law enforcement, and more. You can’t please everyone, and every choice will have its consequences. How will you lead?

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutelyAs President Rayne, you’ll begin your first term when Sordland is struggling to recover from a difficult past: bloody coups, a civil war, and a decade of tyranny has left the country in a delicate state. Navigate a political drama driven by conversations with cabinet members and other significant figures. Whether you pursue constitutional reform, improving the lives of Sordish citizens, or lining your own pockets, there’s no denying the power you wield as president — at least, so long you can keep your place in the Maroon Palace.



  • Immerse yourself in a deeply intricate text-based political drama. Navigate weighty conversations in this 200K-word story with branching paths.
  • Lead the fictional country of Sordland in the 1950s. Can you keep Sordland out of a war with the encroaching nation of Rumburg? Can you launch and complete a new mega infrastructure project? Can you fix the welfare system? The responsibility falls on your shoulders. 
  • The story is new, but the issues are familiar. Tackle difficult choices on immigration, healthcare, law enforcement, and more in this alternate world set in the 1950s. Even outside the office, your beliefs will be challenged among your friends, and your family. Will you support the Equal Rights movement? Encourage government control of the media? Maintain traditional values or embrace reform? 
  • Do you trust your Cabinet? Work closely with your Cabinet members to forge strong policies and practices for your government. But remember: everyone has their own ideals, and agenda. Pick your allies carefully, and your enemies even more carefully.
  • You cannot do everything. Every choice has consequences. Your Cabinet will advise you on all matters, but you cannot please everyone — sometimes you can’t even please yourself. You will have to make sacrifices, be they moral, political or personal.
  • Which is more important, your country or your family? It’s challenging to be a good father and a good president at the same time. Can you do both? If not, which one will you choose?
  • There are multiple endings. What will be your legacy? You must find your own way through the complicated political landscape of your presidency. Where the country ends up at the end of four years is determined by your decisions.

Suzerain comes to Windows PC and Mac OSX on December 4, 2020.

Wishlist on Steam – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1207650/Suzerain/

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