Pixel panorama: Savour your gaming moments with Nixplay

by Chris Camilleri
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The worlds of so many games have often captured our hearts. From sunny Beauclair in the Witcher 3 to the green plains in Breath of the Wild, these landscapes are beautiful and can be considered as stunning digital works of art. With Nixplay’s smart photo frames, you can remember these moments and many more that you cherish, displaying those amazing game moments into your own living room. 

With the high-resolution full-HD screens and adjustable colour settings, the images show up in crystal clear clarity exactly as the designers intended them to. Thanks to integrated speakers and the video function, special milestones, heroic team fights or even soundtracks can also be played on the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame.  

The Nixplay app opens up many possibilities for sharing photos with your friends, family or teammates: you can constantly update the selection of images from anywhere thanks to the cloud and share your own gaming highlights with friends at any time.

The Nixplay frames have a slim and elegant design. On the wall or free-standing on their flexible stand, they complement the interior of any office, living room or bedroom perfectly. Compatible with popular apps such as Instagram or Dropbox, the frames are also very versatile. A built-in motion sensor prevents the frames from using unnecessary energy, turning the frame on and off whenever you enter or exit the room.

The full range of frames and more information can be found at Nixplay.co.uk.

And for more information on everything gaming, check out the section HERE.

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