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MSI, leader in true gaming hardware, is proud to announce the VIGOR GK20, IMMERSE GH61, IMMERSE HS01 COMBO, and CLUTCH GM20 ELITE to provide more choices for mainstream gamers with a determination to win and a refined gaming design.



A SOLID BASE FOR GAMING – VIGOR GK20 is your best and most reliable partner in battle! With ergonomic design keycaps, rainbow lighting effect, and being water- repellent keeping your keyboard functional and clean. Conveniently placed hotkeys and 12-keys anti-ghosting enable you to speed up and stay in control during games.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN KEYCAPS: The ergonomic design with concave-shaped keycaps enable a more comfortable typing and gaming experience.
  • RAINBOW LIGHTING EFFECT: The RGB effect of the GK20 is here to stay as a static display which can be dimmed or turned off completely.
  • HOTKEYS FOR RAPID CONTROL: Take control of your GK20 with hotkeys, easily adjust backlight brightness or control media and volume without installing software.
  • WATER REPELLENT*: Being water repellent makes GK20 more durable and easy to clean. (*Tested under limited conditions (maximum 60 ml of liquid splash), excluding number keypads and indicator on the upper-right corner.)
  • GAMING BASE RUBBER FEET: Stand your ground in battle thanks to tactically positioned rubber feet for increased stability and an unyielding platform.
  • ANTI-GHOSTING : Enjoy 12-key anti-ghosting (QWERASDFZXCV) on GK20 keyboard for absolute control in games. ​


GET INTO THE GAME – Capture every detailed sound in games! IMMERSE GH61 provides an excellent audio experience with a Hi-Res speaker tuned by ONKYO, built-in ESS Sabre DAC & AMP, and is supported by world-class audio software: Nahimic for Headset. Built for avid gamers and audio enthusiasts alike.

  • Hi-Res SPEAKER INSTALLED BY ONKYO: Capture every sound with high resolution 40mm drivers designed and tuned by ONKYO.
  • BUILT-IN ESS DAC & AMP: Enjoy high dynamic range and ultra-low distortion with the built-in ESS Sabre DAC & AMP, which enrich your audio performance.
  • NAHIMIC FOR HEADSET: Supported by Nahimic for Headset, the world-renowned audio software, enhancing your gaming experience with 3D Sound technology.
  • HIGH-QUALITY RETRACTABLE MICROPHONE: The GH61 features a high-quality retractable microphone to clearly capture what you’re communicating with your teammates.
  • USB & 3.5mm CONNECTORS: With both USB and 3.5mm connector options supplied, this headset can be used on PC, laptop, and mobile devices.
  • CHANGEABLE EAR CUSHIONS: Two different material types of ear cushions are provided, letting you choose between the better isolating PU leather or the more open and breathing fabric.
  • EASY CARRYING: A tailor-made carrying pouch is included and GH61’s foldable design makes it small and easy to carry.


COMBO POWER COMES – A solid-based headset stand plus a fast and safe wireless charger equals IMMERSE HS01 COMBO. The sturdy metal design of the universal headset hanger showcases your gaming headset. The Qi-certified wireless charger with up to 15W fast charging gives you efficiency and safety while charging your Qi-certified devices.

  • CLASSY & SOLID METAL DESIGN: A sturdy metal design with premium construction creates a stable showcase for your gaming headset.
  • UNIVERSAL HANGER: The universal hanger design makes the stand compatible with most headsets providing you the ease of access when starting your next gaming session.
  • STURDY & STEADY NON-SLIP BASE: The non-slip rubber base not only provides extra stability when in-use but it also protects the surfaces that you using it on.
  • SMART CABLE MANAGEMENT: The cable organizer is a smart detail that lets you route cables from your peripherals through the stand.
  • RGB INDICATOR: The RGB light indicates the wireless charger status of charging, standby or error.
  • FAST CHARGING: Rapid charging for your device with up to 15W fast charging (with QuickCharge 2.0 or higher adapter).
  • Qi CERTIFIED: The charger base unit is Qi-certified giving you the extra peace of mind of reliability, efficiency, and safety when you’re charging your Qi-certified smartphone or small personal electronic device wirelessly. (For more detailed info please see on Qi official website)
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE CHARGING: Foreign Object Detection (FOD) ensures charging is disabled as soon as a metal object is detected.


GAME WITH UNRIVALED COMFORT – CLUTCH GM20 is absolutely the best choice for gamers who want to adjust the weight of their mouse to suit the occasion. You can also rapidly switch between five DPI presets up to 6400 DPI using the dedicated button under the scroll wheel. OMRON switches rated for over 20 million clicks give you durable build quality. Last but not least, this mouse is designed ergonomically for right-handed users with a dragon-scale anti-slip texture for additional grip on the game.

  • FAST & ACCURATE OPTICAL SENSOR: A state of the art PixArt PAW 3309 optical sensor with up to 6400 DPI keeps up with your every move.
  • RGB MYSTIC LIGHT: Set the mood with millions of colours and a range of predefined effects or sync it up with the rest of your RGB setup.
  • DURABLE BUILD QUALITY: Enjoy many years of gaming with OMRON switches rated for over 20 million clicks and a Gold-Plated USB connector.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT SYSTEM: Get the weight of your mouse just right with the adjustable weight system.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The right-handed ergonomic design and dragon-scale anti-slip texture not only provide gamers with a better grip but also offer better comfort during those long intensive gaming sessions.
  • DEDICATED DPI SWITCH ON THE FLY: Instantly cycle through five DPI presets to adjust your accuracy for every situation.

Dragon center

A brand-new software package which integrates all MSI products into one platform. Customizing your MSI products performance and detailed settings are just a click away. RGB Mystic Light which controls RGB LED effects is now also integrated into the MSI Dragon Center.

For more information on these products and all the range from MSI, check out their website here.

And for more gaming and tech news, simply click HERE.

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