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Our recent article about Digital Influencers in Gaming received a positive response. But for many of our readers, it also pushed them to ask more questions. In specific, about how websites and blogs like FULLSYNC find these opportunities, and how they could monetize their own websites.

I’ll be honest. Many of the opportunities we’ve had we didn’t even request. People came knocking on our door. And this left us with a warm fuzzy feeling inside because to get that recognition, it leaves you feeling that you’re doing things the right way, and your brand is becoming reputable.

That’s not to say though that you can’t go looking for these kind of opportunities yourself. And since we received a few emails asking about the subject, we’ll share some places you can visit and services you can use that may help you monetize your own sites.


You’ll no doubt see adverts everywhere you go. Both in real life and online. You’ll even find them on our website. Personally, we use possibly the biggest online advertising service, Google AdSense. They allow you to post adverts on your site, which use the visitors cookies, as long as they have permission, to show them targeted ads to products and services they may like.

Services like this use a combination of metrics such as the number of impressions they generate (how many people see them) and how many people click them. Others, such as Yesirads, may offer you payment just based on impressions. But they also offer different types of ads that can end up popping out of nowhere and taking over the users screens.

It’s important to get the balance right this way. You don’t want too few ads that you make nothing, but you also don’t want them to dominate your site. Let your content do the talking and be the main attraction. Adverts should sit idly by, minding their own business. There is one issue though. Some visitors may use AdBlock software so they don’t appear, meaning no money.

Plane flying through the sky with a banner following saying "Advertise Here"

Affiliate Links

Another way of advertising is using affiliate links. Many brands offer affiliate accounts in which you advertise their product or service, and for everyone who buys or signs up to what they’re offering, you get a cut. A great way of generating additional revenue to help fund the hosting costs of your blog or website, plus less intrusive than full-blown adverts.

But don’t just post random links over your website that make no sense, it looks a little desperate. Make sure the links are relatable. For example, you might receive some speakers or a game to review. The same items could be on Amazon, and anyone can sign up for their affiliate account. So, at the bottom of your review, leave an affiliate link to the same thing.

Not everyone is going to buy the item. But many affiliate services like the Amazon one, only need you to send people their way. Then they pay you commission for whatever they buy. So yes, you may link them to a speaker, but if they decide they’re more in the mood for instant mash potato, you still earn money.

How Affiliate Links help to monetize your website

Sites that help Monetize

Advertisements and affiliate links aren’t the only way to earn money. There are many sites out there which look to help bloggers monetize their sites, by pairing you with brands and businesses. One such site that offers paid blogging jobs is Get Blogged.

They’re essentially an agency for bloggers wanting to monetise their blogs, and for brands, businesses and agencies needing help with, or wanting to outsource their outreach in a cost effective way. The great thing here is, you get to apply for your own opportunities, and if you’re stuck for content, there are always suggestions about what to write if you’re successful.

It isn’t the only site either. There are plenty you’ll find if you just quickly search google. Some may have more opportunities than others, but different sites may have more relatable content for your blog as they all work with different brands. So it is really worthwhile exploring.

Some sites act as a middle man to help brands and bloggers find each other
Not all middle men are bad, sites like Get Blogged help bloggers and brands find each other

Social Media

Google isn’t your only friend when it comes to finding sites like Get Blogged. Social Media is a great tool as well. You’ll find many groups for bloggers, some focus on blogger opportunities, others will just offer advice. One really supportive community we’re apart of for example is Official UK Bloggers on Facebook; full of helpful advice and friendly faces.

Hopefully that’s helped some of you who have sent questions in, and opened up some new avenues for you all to explore. By no means is what we’ve explored a definitive list, and there are loads of other ways to monetize your site as well. But these are some of the more common methods that we’ve personally found work well.

And who knows, as your site grows like our very own has. Then brands and businesses may start approaching you directly. Then it’s all about working those relationships in a positive way and networking with new people to keep expanding.

In the mean time, be sure to check out some of our other feature articles HERE. And if you have more questions, don’t be afraid to fire them at us again by using our contact form or messaging me direct using

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