mi-clos Studio announce Silmaris: Dice Kingdom release for late 2020

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The folks at mi-clos studio have today announced their upcoming title Silmaris: Dice Kingdom. Set for release later this year on PC.

Roll the dice to rule them all!

How would you rule a fantasy kingdom? Diplomacy, trade, war, exploration and a good deal of plotting and backstabbing will be needed to prevail and thwart the plans of your rivals in this upcoming dice-based game!

Take the helm of the fallen city of Thylla and restore the lost power of your kingdom by subduing the other monarchs in the valley. Choose and use your advisors wisely to wage war or form alliances, develop trade and explore the world, or spy on your enemies and conspire to overthrow the other rulers!

Each new game features a different story packed with twists and turns. React to events and make the right decisions when fate thwarts your reign… and as you prepare to face the greatest threat the world has ever known!

Silmaris: Dice Kingdom gameplay

Silmaris: Dice Kingdom key features:

  • A dark and merciless universe. Expect to lose your crown in any way possible, but always for good reason!
  • Dozens of immersive stories and unexpected twists
  • Choose your style. Will you rule with an iron fist, or with peaceful diplomacy? Will you be bold or cunning?
  • Recruit advisors, develop their skills, and send them on missions around the valley
  • Resist your enemies, besiege their cities and make them your vassals
  • Establish trade routes and smuggling rings
  • Plot to overthrow opposing monarchs
  • Use diplomacy to lead a great alliance
  • Explore the world as you search for hidden treasure and forgotten artifacts
  • Manage your action dice and use your Fate points with care

Silmaris: Dice Kingdom is planned to release later this year on PC.

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