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Märchen Nocturne is one of the latest hentai games in Nutaku. A classic visual novel RPG with voiced hentai scenes is the closest way to describe the game, but once you get in, you’ll realize it’s more than that. The story of Märchen Nocturne revolves around the main character, which is you, the player, who was once just a normie but when the world turned into a fantasy world, turns into the mighty savior who defends the innocent from beasts, monsters, and horny crazies. The conflict starts when the magical mirror gets shattered, and all that its shards touch becomes a villain. You and your squad, which is a group of battle girls, fight the monsters that get in your way. Of course, the cute chicks in your team are totally doable.

In Märchen Nocturne, your strength depends on your squad. As you upgrade the chicks, you will get access to more skills, weapons, and combos. The gameplay is highly immersive and tricky. The battles work under five elements that fight against each other. Like in Pokemon, when fighting monsters with water affinity, you should choose the girls that are attuned to water. There are different battle scenes in Märchen Nocturne, too. Random battles, PVP offline, quest, and special battles are the types of clash you can expect in the game.

When it comes to sex scenes, it’s definitely hot. The graphics are of high quality, crisp, shiny, and dreamy. The girls are all cute and sexy; some are peculiar with massive assetts. There are 25 characters that you can get intimate. However, to be able to access the sex scenes, you have to complete stories and give gifts to the chicks, which you can find in loot. Once unlocked, you can access the scenes on the character screen. The most impressive feature of Märchen Nocturne is its voice acting. Real voice actresses did the dialogue – yes, even the H-scenes. Meaning, you will hear real moans, which is highly erotic.

You can play Märchen Nocturne on mobile, and Android as well as on PC. The battles are automatic and have an idle system. Every two hours, there is a “World Boss” battle that you can participate in, taking down a high-level monster with other players. There are so much to look forward to playing Märchen Nocturne. If you’re a fan of visual novel RPG and sex games, chances are, you will get addicted to this game.

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