Mabinogi’s G25 Hypernova: Eclipse Update Arriving on December 17!

by Chris Camilleri
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Limited-Time Mabinogi G25 Precursor Event, Winter 2020 Master Plan, Hyper Bingo Event, and More

 Nexon’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Mabinogi today unveiled the first part of its new G25 update, Hypernova: Eclipse, exploring the 6th night of the Seven Nightmares and introducing two new NPCs on December 17. While waiting for the update and the update event, Hyper Bingo, Milletians can participate in the G25 Precursor Event and Winter 2020 Master Plan available now. 

Starting December 17, players can check out the final story of Chapter 7 and learn more about Pontiff Etain, who was given her mighty power by the God of Love, and Enya, a believer of Lymilark and member of the Pontiff’s court.

In addition, a new Hyper Bingo event will also be playable through January 14th with great rewards including reforging tools, new figure, 2nd title coupon, outfits, chairs, and more.

To prepare for the Mabinogi G25: Hypernova update, players can participate in a series of limited-time in-game events available now:

  • G25 Precursor Event: Until December 17, players can help Caravan Joe in Dunbarton Town Square to receive sweet rewards such as the Black Combo Card, Skill Black Combo Card Exchange Coupons, and Black Moon Stone Fragment to grow to obtain gems.
  • Winter 2020 Master Plan: Through February 11, players can receive many buffs and hotday rewards including reforging tools and upgrade stones, daily free rebirths, new advancement skill training EXP and rank up bonuses, echostone upgrade success rate, and so much more. Also available are the shops with new outfits, wings, enchant scroll, 2nd title coupons, and more, which are purchasable with the winter coins players can earn through the event. 

The second part of Mabinogi’s G25 update, Hypernova: Glyphwright, will be available in January, marking the final and seventh night of the Seven Nightmares. 

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