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Fans can already enjoy a gameplay preview featuring single and multiplayer game modes, as well as two campaign missions

At The Game Awards 2020 KRAFTON, Inc. announced its latest title Thunder Tier One, a top-down tactical shooter where players lead an elite task force fighting enemy operatives. Thunder Tier One was introduced via a teaser trailer and players can now get a first taste of the title through the Steam gameplay preview, which will be hosted from Friday 11 December 4:00 GMT – Sunday 13 December 16:00 GMT.

thunder tier one

As part of the gameplay preview gamers will be able to play in single player co-op mode, as well as multiplayer game modes ‘Advance and Secure’ and ‘Deathmatch’. There will also be two campaign missions available to play in either single mode or as co-op. Gameplay is highly strategic and realistic, meaning players will need to quickly assess surroundings and use their tactical skillset to make key decisions in real time. A more detailed overview is available here.

The Thunder Tier One concept was first conceived of in 2016, by PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’ Head of Action and Gunplay Unit Pawel Smolewski, who began working on the game as a personal project with a small independent team. In early 2020, Smolewski pitched the game to KRAFTON, Inc. who recognised its potential and agreed to help introduce Thunder Tier One to a wider audience. The original independent team of developers have since been working under the KRAFTON, Inc. umbrella.

Commenting on Thunder Tier One, Pawel Smolewski said: “We’re thankful to our community for their encouragement and feedback so far, and to KRAFTON, Inc. for helping our indie team. It’s exciting for us to now introduce the title to a wider audience and we’re looking forward to seeing players’ reactions to Thunder Tier One.”

On its full release, the game will also be accessible to modding, allowing fans to create their own modes, weapons and missions which they can share with the wider Thunder Tier One community. For more information and future updates on Thunder Tier One, please visit the official Steam page, join the Discord channel and follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.

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