Let Battle Commence! Iron Conflict Free Playtest Week on Steam Now Live

by Chris Camilleri
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Unleash True Military Might with Angela Game’s Competitive RTS

Indie developer Angela Game today announced that their upcoming war-themed competitive online RTS (real-time strategy) game Iron Conflict free week-long public Playtest on Steam is going to go live at 7PM PST.

Budding armchair generals and strategists can get a taste of a whole range of military vehicles from classic WWII-era tanks and planes all the way up to weaponry, vehicles and hardware used in modern-day conflicts. Featuring highly detailed, hand-crafted battlefields in 10v10 skirmishes with hundreds of offensive and defensive options and plenty of tactical maneuvers to utilize in their quest for victory.

Players can get a feel of the different combat units in the game, each with their own specific strengths and weaknesses as well as the capabilities and effectiveness of various support units and air and ground-based assets in the week-long Playtest.

Iron Conflict continues to refine the overall player experience and has undergone several updates and tweaks based on player feedback in order to deliver a truly competitive RTS and will incorporate community feedback again into the game following this Playtest.

Iron Conflict’s week-long Playtest is an exciting phase for Angela Game, we’ve been working hard on implementing the valuable player feedback from the August playtest,” said Kaven Xu from Angela Game. “With highly detailed units and combat environments and maps we’re keen to see what strategy fans make of the latest additions and tweaks to the game as well”.

Check out the game’s Steam page here.

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