Grab your sword, prepare for some epic hack-and-slash combat and charge into battle on a pig in Wonder Blade

by Chris Camilleri
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Colourful cartoon side-scrolling hack-and-slasher Wonder Blade out now on PC, PS4 and Switch. Prepare for waves of enemies, crazy combos, big bosses, surprising steeds (yep, riding some dragons and pigs) and food fights using frozen fish 

East2West Games is excited to announce that arcade hack-and-slash Wonder Blade has today left Steam Early Access on PC and has also battled its way onto Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 – with the Xbox One version coming very soon. The cartoon side-scroller puts players in the boots of a brave adventurer and slaps a frozen fish in their hands as they battle through waves of enemies using a devastating array of weapons, combos and magical abilities; all to rescue the princess and save the kingdom from disaster.

Wonder Blade’scombination of tongue in cheek story and frenetic arcade-style gameplay is brought to life through the game’s lovingly animated art style, which instantly draws players into its fantastical world packed full of surprises. 

wonder blade

Wonder Blade places an incredible selection of killer combos, fantastic finishers and massive magical abilities at the player’s fingertips. This variety also extends to the game’s arsenal of deadly weapons with players able to scorch foes with laser swords and even bonk them on the head with frozen fish.

As if a full armoury isn’t enough, players can also equip their hero with adorable pets to provide an all-important buff to their fighting prowess. As well as styling it out with their moves on the battlefield, worthy adventures can also unlock a wide range of colourful costumes and accessories. So, whether it’s taking on enemies dressed as a stealthy ninja or a fluffy raccoon, outfits and accessories ensure that every player’s fighter looks as good striking a pose as they do striking an Orc.

Equipped with their most potent (or most stylish) outfit and weapon, players have an endless army of foes to test the latest and most powerful moves and combos out on. Waves of enemies from zombie hordes to high-tech soldiers stand between our hero and the princess he has vowed to rescue. Cutting, smashing and punching their way through each level, players must face-off in epic boss battles against fearsome foes including Big Piranha, the Goblin King and the Spider Queen. 

Unlockable and upgradeable skills give players the freedom to construct a character build that suits their preferred playstyle. Each kill grants more XP on the way to reaching the highest possible level and becoming the most awesome adventurer the world has ever seen!


  • A fascinating tale of butt-kicking, love and woe that doesn’t take itself too seriously
  • Incredible cartoon-style graphics combine with spectacular combos, flashy finishing moves and butter-smooth animation
  • A variety of stages and experiences – more than just whacking bad guys with a sword
  • Bosses, mini-bosses, big bad guys and little bad guys, oh my!
  • Ever rode a pig? A battlebot? A fire-breathing dragon!? Now you can!
  • Variety of collectable outfits and weapons
  • Unlock and upgrade badass skills as you level up

Wonder Blade is available to download now on PC (6.99 USD/5.19 GBP), PlayStation 4 (21.49 USD/17.99 GBP) and Nintendo Switch (14.99 USD/ 11.60 GBP). The Xbox One version of Wonder Blade is coming soon. 

For more information check out Wonder Blade‘s official Twitter page.

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