Knights of San Francisco out on Android and iOS Tuesday, May 4

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Knights of San Francisco – a state-of-the-art text-driven RPG in which a young necromancer explores what remains of the ancient city of San Francisco – is launching next week on Android and iOS!

What if goblins, ogres, and dragons weren’t imagined? What if our ancestors were, unwittingly, foretelling the future? Find yourself in that future, centuries from now, among the ruins of what was once the 21st century – where these terrifying creatures roam freely…

Watch the trailer below for a taste of what makes the game so intriguing:

Knights of San Francisco is heavily inspired by modern tabletop RPGs such as Dungeon World and Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Raise the dead, find your way through the ruins, and experience dynamic combat through Natural Language Generation (NLG) in this minimalist, black-and-white RPG with a foreboding setting that takes gamebooks into uncharted territory…

A weird take on interactive literature

Knights of San Francisco is the labour of love of writer-programmer Filip Hracek and illustrator Alec Webb. Although this Egamebook can conceivably be completed in about 90 minutes (an “unapologetically short game,” in the words of Filip), it will leave you with more memorable experiences than most longer games.

Indeed, Knights of San Francisco is closer to tabletop role-playing games than traditional computer RPGs – doing away with numbers and graphics in favour of telling the player what’s actually happening the way a Dungeon Master would. Of course, things are still meticulously tracked in the background – but there are no big tables to look at or tactical maps to read.

Knights of San Francisco gameplay screenshot

Knights of San Francisco key features

  • Dynamic Combat: Simulated to the level of individual body parts. Cleave off someone’s leg, take it, and bash it over their head! An NLG system explains what’s happening to you in plain English.
  • Make Your Choices with Caution: Every action has consequences! Make a mistake in battle and you could lose recruits in your party.
  • A Living, Breathing World: Lots of the text isn’t pre-written, but generated. The world continues on without you.
  • Quick Gameplay: Hop right into the fray! Experience automatic saving and no loading screens.
  • Premium Experience: Single purchase with no IAPs.

Pricing and Availability

Knights of San Francisco will be available on the App Store and Google Play next Tuesday, May 4 for $2.99.

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