How have Slots symbols evolved over the years?

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At the heart of all good gaming sites is undoubtedly a varying selection of Slots, ready to spin you onto your next big adventure, and hopefully, win you a few big bucks in return. When enjoying a game or two of Slots at Karamba, or any other casino site, it’s hard to imagine how far the game has come. It’s not just the operating systems that have changed, even the symbols in the best of slot games are considerately different to how they began.

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Playing Cards

Sittman and Pitt’s original slot machine’s mechanisms were closer to a game of Poker than anything else – in that the only way to bag a win was to line up a winning Poker hand. The machine would contain five drums with 50 of the 52 cards from a standard deck representing the symbols. After a while, the Jack of Hearts and 10 of Spades were removed, making the game a little bit harder as the chances of rolling in a Royal Flush were eliminated.

As you’ve probably already seen, playing cards still feature heavily in today’s slot games. The high- value playing cards now represent the low paying, or base game, symbols in most slot games – in fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a slot without them!

Horseshoes and the Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell slots machine welcomed a whole new way to play in the late 19th century, introduced by Charles Augustus Fey. This machine featured three reels and five symbols, including some of the aforementioned playing cards – Diamonds, Hearts and Spades – as well as rolling in horseshoes and the Liberty Bell, which gave the machine its name.

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The world of Slots saw another big change in the early 1900s after cash prizes had been banned. A new wave of slot machines was introduced to the gambling scene, featuring fruit symbols such as the now-iconic lemons, cherries, plums and watermelons that we know and love today. The main reason for including fruit in the list of new symbols was to correlate with the new wave of prizes that consisted of fruit-flavoured sweets and gum, collected from the bar.


Speaking of the bar, as machines were finally allowed to pay out cash once more, fruit machines remained the norm. However, a few more additions came into play. The BAR symbol popped up on the slots scene, as well as the lucky 7, both of which trigger impressive wins – the latter often being used as the jackpot symbol.


Of course, there’s a wide range of other symbols that can be found when you play Slots – online at places such as sbobet or otherwise. Depending on what game you choose to play, you’ll find symbols that correlate with that theme. For example, if you’re playing an Egyptian themed slot then you may find ankhs, scarabs and pyramids rolling in across the reels. Or, if you’ve gone for a jungle-themed game then you may need to roll in a combination of tigers, monkeys and snakes to make a profit.

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