Killer Queen Black’s Eight-Player Action Comes To Xbox Game Pass January 5

by Chris Camilleri
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Killer Queen Black, the strategic eight-player arcade action platformer from Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games, joins the Xbox console family via Xbox Game Pass on January 5.

Inspired by the tight mechanics of retro platformers with a dash of tactical teamplay, Killer Queen Black’s winning awaits a whole new community. Each team of four consists of one Queen and three Workers. The formidable Queen can fly and attack with a stinger sword from the outset, and she can tag power-up gates on the field to give her team a leg up.

Workers excel in adaptability, making them essential to victory. Run to collect berries to fill the team hive or spend a berry on a power-up gate to gain speed boosts and transform into Soldiers. Wield Swords, Laser Rifles, Morning Stars, and more to destroy opposing Workers or face the Queen herself. Combine speed boosts with weapons to become Speed Soldiers capable of giving the Queen a run for her money. 

Each of the seven single-screen maps make all characters and strategies visible at all times. Cooperate and coordinate to conquer the opposing team’s hive with one of three victory types: Economic, Military, and Snail. Fill the team’s hive with berries to secure an Economic victory. Slowly ride a snail to the team’s goal to earn a Snail Victory. And sometimes the simplest plan makes the most sense: take out the other Queen three times to lock down a Military victory.

Beyond fast reflexes and keen tactics, Killer Queen Black encourages communication. Gather friends locally or on Xbox Live to form two teams of four. Play in private matches with friends only or join matchmaking to test those Queen skills around the world.

“We’re happy to bring Killer Queen Black to Xbox Game Pass and expand our community even further, thanks to cross-platform support,” said Matt Tesch, co-founder of Liquid Bit. “Our game’s arcade-inspired nature thrives when new players get to learn the ins and outs of everything, from how to fly like a champ to how to pull off sneaky Snail Victories.”

To learn more, please visit the game’s official site, or follow the game on Twitter.

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