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Discover and collect over 100 monsters, engage in strategic turn-based combat, and expose the truth behind a mystery threatening the ancient peace between humanity and monsters.

Team17 and moi rai games are today launching Monster Sanctuary, a monster-collecting, strategic Metroidvania on PC, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4. As the latest heir in a long line of Monster Keepers, players must explore and traverse a rich variety of environments and stop the growing and mysterious threat to the harmonious peace between monsters and humanity itself. Featuring deep and strategic gameplay including 3 vs 3 turn-based combat, players can battle wild monsters, NPC keepers, and even online opponents in PvP battles, using a variety of elemental attacks and tactics to succeed. Monster Sanctuary also launches onto Xbox Game Pass today, enabling subscribers on PC and Xbox One to get free access to the RPG for no added cost.

During its time in Steam Early Access, moi rai games and Team17 have introduced several updates that expand the engaging world available to players, so that Monster Sanctuary launches with over 100 monsters (including 16 community designed creatures) to discover and tame across 13 areas. New areas, such as The Magma Chamber and Underworld, are just some of the mysterious environments added over the past year, and even include content created by the community.

Today’s launch introduces further content for players to experience as they embark on their epic Monster Sanctuary adventure, including the Abandoned Tower, and an additional (secret) area. 14 new monsters also join the roster, alongside optional endgame Champions; Ultimate abilities for monsters above level 40; unique equipment; and further balancing changes. One of the new monsters is the Changeling, a versatile monster with the ability to copy moves from allies and enemies alike.

Key Features:

  • Overcome and collect monsters: Creatures great and small are available to collect and battle, and can be upgraded via deep skill trees
  • Become the best Monster Keeper: A mysterious force threatens the peace between monsters and humans, and players will unravel these secrets through the story
  • Battle in tactical 3v3 combat: Player rosters of monsters can fight AI or other players in a turn-based 3v3 system, using elemental attacks and combos to devastating effect
  • Discover a deep Metroidvania world: From the depths of the Underworld to the heights of the Snowy Peaks, there is plenty to explore, and hidden areas to uncover using monster skills
  • Items and gear aplenty: Players will find a plethora of useful items on their journey, which may even open new avenues of navigation.

Monster Sanctuary is available on PC and consoles for £15.99/€19.99/$19.99, and to keep up to date with all the information on Monster Sanctuary please like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and join the Discord.

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