Every German Let’s Player, Streamer and Gamer knows him: Germany’s most famous let’s player, GronkhHandyGames are thrilled to announce that on August 14th, there will be a unique HandyGames exclusive live showcase on YouTube and Twitch, packed with a wide range of our indie titles and never seen before content. Watch, comment, play and be there, LIVE! 

Indie Games from publisher HandyGames with Gronkh LIVE!
These games will be included – plus exclusive previews!

These games will be showcased by Gronkh: 

  • Spit teeth and shout at other players with the best party music in Spitlings 
  • Stack them, push them, put them in a pile! Solve puzzles with boxes in PileUp! 
  • Nonviolent stealth game with a steady slingshot! El Hijo – A Wild West Tale  
  • Cracking mysterious cases with a chicken detective duo? Yep! – In Chicken Police  
  • Sing, hum, whistle and solve puzzles in the right tone with One Hand Clapping 
  • Big boss of a miniature company – Become a factory tycoon in Little Big Workshop  

Additionally, there will be four more games, of which HandyGames don’t want to give away too much yet! Because Gronkh aka Erik Range himself, will comment on and enjoy exclusive content for the community and play our (as of yet) unpublished demos! And hopefully: have a lot of fun! All we can reveal is: It will be apocalyptic, divine and heads will roll… and float.  

Live Let’s Play Event, Indie Games Night, Gronkh vs. HandyGames, whatever you want to call it: Tune in! Join the (German) show on Gronkh’s channels on Twitch! and Youtube, on August 14, 2020, at 6 pm German time. Let’s go! 

Find the latest info HERE! Even with timer, to not forget this awesome show!

Check out his on Youtubeand watch him live on Twitch!

For even more gaming news, click right HERE.

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