Today brings the release PC Update 1.4.3 today for Hunt: Showdown!

With six new weapons, an update to Choke Bombs and the Serpent Trait, a golden cash register, and more, Update 1.4.3 brings with it more content, and of course, more fixes to improve the Hunt experience as a whole. Read all of the details in the update patch notes right here.

Hunt: Showdown Trials Trailer:

But what the developers really wanted to highlight today is Hunt’s new solo PvE mode, Trials.

Hunt: Showdown can be hard to learn, and one of the reasons Trials were added was to give new players the chance to learn the ropes. In Trials, new players can practice and explore Hunt’s maps without any of the pressure of a match – and veterans can sharpen their skills to a fine and deadly point. Walk around and get a feel for the lay of the land, or up your skills by taking on one of the Trials (aka challenges) that allow you to walk in the shoes of some of history’s infamous Hunter characters.

In a nutshell, in Trials you can:

  • Explore maps freely, with no enemy Hunters lurking around the corner waiting to ruin your day.
  • Teleport directly to any compound.
  • Try out risky moves without losing your Hunter.
  • Complete Trial challenges.
  • Earn exclusive rewards – Hunt Dollars, Blood Bonds, and special gear.

There are three types of Trials to play through – Timed parkour challenges, Sniper challenges, and Wave challenges that require you deal with a lot of enemies at once. And Update 1.4.3 included a new set of them to test your skills.

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