Boxelware expands the Avorion universe!

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The young developer team Boxelware has announced the first DLC for the popular space sandbox Avorion at gamescom last week. The DLC will be called “Black Market”, is set to be released in Fall 2020 and will bring a lot of new mechanics and features to the game.

Important note: Boxelware does not want to split the Avorion community into “DLC players” and “non-DLC players” with “Black Market”. So, all players can still explore the vastness of Avorion on the same server. Players who do not own the DLC can even join DLC owners to experience some “Black Market” content with them.

Black Markets
With the DLC, black markets open on the stations in Avorion. These are not immediately available to every player. Enterprising space adventurers have to attract the attention of the alternative markets in order to receive an invitation, but… the effort is worth it. On the black markets, the players get better offers for their goods and most importantly: No annoying questions are asked. 

With the help of the docking mechanism, it is possible in Avorion for the first time to dock the players’ own ships, stations or freight containers to their spaceship. This feature is not intended for warlike actions and stealing foreign ships. However, players and NPCs still have to defend their cargo, because containers can be stolen. Docking will be available for all players as a free update on the release day of “Black Market”.

Hacking allows the players in Avorion to steal goods and resources from containers. But caution is advised! If a player starts a hacker attack, the container sends an automatic distress signal to all ships in the area. So thieves have to be prepared to fight back. At smugglers outposts, containers can be hacked safely by the smugglers for a fixed price. However, content is then randomly generated. The hacking feature is part of the paid DLC “Black Market”. 

Q&A about the DLC on Twitch

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