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Having a smartphone has become commonplace for many people all over the world. However, while your snazzy smartphone can do quite a bit, you may want to pick up a few accessories to help optimise your mobile device. Here are the top three accessories to help bring out the best in your smartphone:

1. A sturdy case

Whilst most smartphones are versatile, they are also fragile. Dropping an unprotected iPhone, for example, can result in a shattered screen or a complete loss of function, and they are expensive to fix or replace. Fortunately, a good case and screen protector can help keep your phone safe in case it dropped or scratched. You should obtain your case as soon as possible to ensure that your new phone is not quickly damaged.

2. A great charger setup

A good charger setup is integral to any mobile device. Fragile, old or frayed charging cables can multiply charge times and even pose health risks. When putting together your charging setup, consider our adapter as well as your charging cable; both need to be of great quality for an optimal charge. For instance, a Tylt charger and charging cables can fit a wall charger, or any remote charger, or battery.

3. A remote charger

It is also important to be able to charge your phone on the go. A phone charger backpack and a wireless phone charger are just some of the Tylt products one needs to keep in mind. While keeping your phone charged on the go may simply be a matter of convenience, a good remote charger can be a great help in an emergency such as a natural disaster, or a city-wide power outage resulting in major loss due to major electrical malfunctions.

While smartphones tend to be great, they can be even better, and more durable, with the right accessories.

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