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Blockchain technology is proving itself nothing short of revolutionary. Its introduction to the world has led to a series of industry disruptions, from the finance sector to shopping.

Though it was initially closely tied to cryptocurrency (especially Bitcoin), people soon began to see how it could be used to improve a vast number of technological issues and started implementing it wherever they could.

Ever since then, blockchain has slowly but surely spread and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon. It shows so much revolutionary potential that even certain governments are considering taking part in this tech revolution.

And sure enough, the gaming industry is no exception.

The benefits blockchain brings would greatly better many of gaming’s somewhat iffy aspects, in addition to adding amazing new features. This technology boasts greater data safety, more transparency, and independence from third-party authorities.

These qualities can be implemented in many ways, such as the following:

Improved Asset Management

Asset trade, storage, and ownership will likely experience the most improvement. The way blockchain deals with data is unique, in that it becomes immutable once locked in place, as well as being fully transparent, meaning one can easily track everything.

One way this can be taken advantage of is by creating easily demonstrated proof of, for example, the scarcity of a certain item when selling or buying it, which can otherwise be a hassle to provide. And seeing how fortified blockchain data is, you needn’t worry about the said item being somehow stolen.

Better Account Security

Blockchain can also vastly increase account safety. Account hacking is a serious problem in the gaming world, and blockchain can greatly hinder a hacker’s attempt to get a hold of your login details. This would mean that, for instance, stealing accounts and reselling them (as seen in the Fortnite fiasco) would be far more difficult to pull off than it is now.

Development Democratization

Decentralization may be the next big thing in gaming, and blockchain can happily serve as the host for such projects. Inviting the community to participate more actively in the development of the core game or its mods, patches, and the like guarantees a more loyal and satisfied fanbase. This kind of open source development fits in naturally into the blockchain paradigm.

Interconnected Worlds

A more creative utilization of blockchain technology could produce multiple game universes connected by the same algorithm, allowing us to experience things we could never have imagined earlier in games.

For example, you could transfer a character from one game to another, or even have parallel development in separate universes, where you can experience the full implications of the choices ignored and opportunities missed in one game with the same character.

First Glimpses into The Blockchain Gaming World

The kind of gaming world described here may seem a thousand miles away, but the first signs of its arrival are already sprouting here and there.

You may have heard of CryptoKitties, a game where you collect, breed, sell, and buy virtual kittens. This may sound primitive for a video game, if not even a bit silly, but you should remember that blockchain implementation is still very nascent, so developers are still feeling out the field, so to speak. And there’s definitely a market for these crypto kittens – one cat was sold for $170,000!

Another interesting instance of crypto gaming is Huntercoin. It’s just a cryptocurrency, but it has a clever twist. Crypto coins can be “unlocked” by traversing a map, finding treasure, and clashing with other players for resources.

There’s no denying the fact that blockchain technology will have a profound impact on gaming. But gaming is far from the last industry to be taken by this storm.

If you want to see where blockchain will create massive disruptions, take a look at the awesome infographic below. It lays out everything related to this topic with a refreshing visual design and tells you exactly what you need to know, with no frills.

Check out the bitfortune infographic for this article below:

Blockchain Disruptions Infographic

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